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Soundtrack of "Garabandal, unstoppable waterfall"

Published in: Fuego de campamento

The song for the final credits of the movie “Garabandal, Only God Knows” was produced by FC (Camp fire songs/Fuego de campamento).

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Garabandal, uncontainable cascade: Official trailer

Published in: www.garabandalthemovie.com

Under the protection of Our Blessed Mother in this month of May, today we released the official trailer of Garabandal, Uncontainable Cascade, the new production of Mater Spei AIE on the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in San Sebastián de Garabandal, Spain, completing the work already undertaken in Garabandal, Only God Knows.

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Garabandal, only God knows online for free

Published in: www.garabandalthemovie.com

Recognizing the difficulties of continuing to distribute Garabandal, Only God Knows in movie theaters given the limits placed on public gatherings, and in light of the economic crisis that we will most likely be facing in the coming months, we have opted to make Garabandal, Only God Knows available online free of charge in all languages and in all countries where we do not have contracts barring us from doing so.

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Anglican Bishop Enters the Catholic Church Through Garabandal

Published in: churchmilitant.com

Anglican Bishop Gavin Ashenden was received in full communion with the Catholic Church on December 22, 2019, during the fourth week of Advent. Several things brought him closer to Catholicism: studying the apparitions of Our Lady in Garabandal, Eucharistic miracles, and the solid Magisterium of the Church in comparison with the doctrinal drift of the Anglican Church.

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Healed from Leukaemia

Published in: https://www.virgendegarabandal.net

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Monsignor Ottaviani said, "I accompany you with all my heart. Spread Garabandal. Do so with charity, but spread Garabandal as much as you have life as promised to the Virgin." Monsignor Ottaviani told him clearly that he believed in Garabandal.

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