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Why a Youth Anthem?

This song was written for a pilgrimage of young people to San Sebastián of Garabandal.

Everyone who makes a pilgrimage to San Sebastián of Garabandal should know that it’s up to him to make the pilgrimage more than just another event; the pilgrimage means going to see someone who is waiting for you and who has been waiting for this encounter for a while. It means going to see a Mother who has charted a path to reach you, though it seems that you were the one searching for Her.

“I come not only for you, but for all of my children, with the desire of leading them to Our Hearts.” (Our Lady of Mount Carmel to Conchita in Garabandal)


Caminaré junto a la cruz, alzando en alto tu bandera.
Me guiarás, junto a mí irás, descubriendo en mí tu presencia.

María de Garabandal, acércanos más a tu Hijo.
En la aflicción, la oscuridad..., tú, como Madre, no nos dejes.
La Eucaristía sostendrá nuestro cansancio en el camino a la verdad.

Presencia fiel en la Pasión, como a San Juan, tenme a tu lado.
Quiero salvar, junto al Amor, a todo el que esté alejado.
Honrar tu luz -virginidad-, haz que la ensalce con mi vida,
pureza que quiero imitar. ¡Haznos ser unos hijos dignos!


Corriendo voy detrás de ti, mirando al cielo, a lo alto.
¡Despiértanos y haznos ver que este mundo va de paso!
Elévanos el corazón, transfórmalo tú con tu beso.
Recógelo y límpialo, ¡rompe el de piedra y hazlo nuevo!


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Escucha la canción

The following is an explanation of the song, to help you discover how you can apply it to your life.

I will walk by the Cross, raising high your flag.
“Near the Cross of Jesus stood Mary, his Mother” (John 19:25). At the foot of the Cross, Mary makes her total and unconditional surrender to her children. A Christian who seeks Mary, and seeks to be like her, should know that, as a Mother who never abandons her children—”Woman, behold your Son,” (John 19:26)—she remains with the One who was raised as a “sign (flag) that will be spoken against.” She makes sure that in every moment and on every step of the way, we fix our gaze on Him as our only guide. “The Blessed Virgin always likes to be close to Jesus, her Son” (the girls to Mr. Luis Navas).

You will guide me and walk with me, revealing your presence in me.
Once a soul seeks Mary, even if it’s only in a very little and silent way, She never stops revealing herself in order to transform that soul and, by her presence, perfect it and lead it to God. Mary receives us into her Motherly heart and she leads us to Jesus. “I love you very much and I do not desire your condemnation! (…) Pray to us with sincerity, and we will grant your requests”(from the Second Message given in Garabandal).

Mary of Garabandal, bring us closer to your Son.

Despite what many think about the devotion to Mary, She has always given first place to her Son in her apparitions. We see this also in Our Lady of Carmen of Garabandal. “She came smiling and brought the Child with her” (visionaries of Garabandal). Mary gives us her Son as one who is giving us a great treasure that comes to offer only Love to the hearts of all mankind. The Incarnation of the Son of God reveals to us the tenderness and fragility with which God has desired to reveal Himself to the world so that, far from fearing Him, we might open our heart to Him. A Love that goes above and beyond anything this world can offer.
In the affliction - the darkness - you, our Mother, never leave us...
This phrase of the song was inspired by something that occurred to Loli, one of the visionaries of Garabandal.
“It was about three in the morning and Julia (Loli’s mother) sent Loli to collect the clothing that was hung outside (…) the girl explained that it was hard for her to obey her mother on that occasion because she was afraid to leave the house at that hour of the night. But the Virgin Mary, seeing that she wanted to obey and was afraid, came “to go with her” and accompany her in every moment” (Related by Fr. Eusebio de Pesquera). The girl, clearly frightened in that moment, was saved by the presence of Our Mother who calmed her, helped her and made her understand how she is always with her. Could it be that the same thing happens with us? Mary accompanies us in the darkness of our poor faith, in the darkness of a world that doesn’t understand the scandal of Love that loves until the end, and in the darkness that surrounds us in each of our sufferings, big or small.

The Eucharist will sustain us in our weariness along the path that leads to the Truth.
She teaches us that the Eucharist is where we will find the answer to everything because it is there that God is with us: “Conchita, you should visit my Son in the Tabernacle more often (…) He is waiting for you day and night” (Our Lady of Carmen of Garabandal during her last apparition to Conchita). Once we have discovered the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament she asks us to be faithful to his Love: “Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist (…) Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your requests.” (From the 2nd message given in Garabandal). “The Angel did not give me Holy Communion again until I had gone to confession” (Jacinta).

Faithful presence in the Passion: just like Saint John, keep me by your side.
I want to save - together with Him who is love - all that have strayed away.
One of the things Our Lady has asked of us in Garabandal is to “Meditate in the Jesus’ Passion” (2nd message of Garabandal). Mary reminds us of the importance of delving deeper into the great sufferings that God Himself went through in order to save us. “They will look upon Him whom they have pierced” (Jn 19:37). She, the one who lived every moment of the Passion with her Son, now teaches us the value of sacrifice: “You have to make many sacrifices and do penance” (1st message of Garabandal). In this way our poor soul will realize little by little that “we are worth the Blood of Christ”. “For Holy week the Virgin Mary sent me (to pray the Rosary in the Calleja) everyday at 5 in the morning; and so I went because Our Lady always wants us to do penance” (Conchita’s Diary). Mari Loli once told Mrs. Maria Herrero that, “The Virgin asked everyone to go to Confession and receive Communion”.
She gives herself to us with the total confidence of being able to live each day with her, knowing that we have her by our side to teach us to offer up even the smallest of things. “When you present yourself before God you have to show Him your hands, full of works that you’ve done in favor of your brothers and sisters and for the Glory of God Himself… right now, your hands are still empty” (Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal to Conchita). Mary’s love is fruit of her loving self-gift to each soul. Whoever goes to San Sebastian of Garabandal will experience that Mary lives with all of us. “Trust in us and present all things to our Hearts, for the good of your brothers and sisters, doing so you will always feel us close to you” (Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal to Conchita).

To honor your light, your virginity, make me acclaim it with my life. I want to imitate your purity. Make us worthy to be your children.
In Garabandal, the Lord has left us a very good “Marian School”. She—who virginizes souls with her very presence—teaches us that if we let her live in us and among us, as the beloved disciple did, she will take care of our soul even in the smallest details, making it as pure as possible for our sanctification the Glory of God. Our Lady said to Conchita: “I love you a lot and I desire your salvation: that you might be here together in Heaven, with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” Through the example of her life amongst the young people, through her words and her gestures, full of purity, discretion and the utmost respect towards each soul, Mary teaches us the delicacy that we, especially young people, must have in the moment that we approach, judge or relate with each soul, including our own. We must bring to mind that each is “the temple of the Holy Spirit” (1Cor 6:19). Conchita once said that, “The Virgin Mary, when she looks at you, gives you the impression that more than looking at you, she is looking at the whole world. And the way she looks at it!! None of us could look in that way…”.
This purity of soul that Mary transmits in each soul is achieved through the smallest of everyday details. That’s why Our Mother Mary took care to educate the girls in every conversation that they had. She taught them how to behave, she understood them, she listened to them, and lived with and among them, making their souls worthy and purifying them. And at the same time helping them to realize that they are children of God, worthy of the gaze of God their Father: “Conchita, why don’t you give up gum and offer it up as a sacrifice for the glory of my Son?” (Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal).

I run behind you looking upwards, looking towards heaven...
Wake us up and make us see that this world is passing away!

“I go before you praying and you follow me” (Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal to the girls).
“They did not fly… it was as if their feet had eyes to see where to step. They marched on lightly, with pose at a pace…, that can not be described” (Eye witness, Mr. Otero Lorenzo).
The girls themselves explained: “It was as if we were in the air, as if we were laying down, … as if in another world. But always as though it were daytime and sunny.”
Something very normal during the apparitions of Our Lady in Garabandal were the girls’ ecstatic walks. Many times, without realizing it, they would take off running towards the place that Our Lady had indicated to them. Normally in these ecstatic “races” they would have their heads tilted backwards, looking upwards, running backwards or forewords like that for hours.
A nice application of this in our lives is knowing how to fix our eyes on the things that truly matter. Mary once again becomes our Teacher of faith, teaching us how to fix our heart on the “lofty things”, on what is important.

Lift up our heart, transform it with your kiss.
Pick it up and clean it, break this heart of stone and make it new!

“The people there and the priests would give us objects to give to Our Lady to kiss and she would kiss them all” (From Conchita’s diary). “The little stones appeared frequently in the girls visions. They were little stones, about the size of hard candies; they would pick them up from the ground during the apparition or prepare them beforehand. They would give them to the Virgin Mary to kiss and then give them to different people as a memory or as a sign of forgiveness” (taken from the a study made by Fr. Ramón María Andreu, S.J.).
Mary “comes back” to this earth to remind us that she wants to give us her entire heart. This verse sums up what Our Lady came to do in Garabandal: take our hard hearts—sometimes dirty from our faults, other times ruined due to misuse, perhaps wounded by suffering or darkened by sin—and transform them into something sacred with her kiss. She transforms them into hearts that have been set apart from this earthly world and elevated and cleansed by her kiss. She doesn’t mind that our dirtiness upon her most pure lips, she purifies us and intercedes for us before her Son so that, once we have given our hearts to her, we might be saved.

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