• What was the Blessed Virgin like?

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The first time that we saw the Blessed Virgin, she appeared suddenly.
She came with two angels and with the Child Jesus, and there was an eye above them, with a lot of light.


She always appeared suddenly, only that sometimes she brought the Child Jesus with her and other times she came alone. Her normal posture was standing with her arms wide open and looking at us.
Her eyes were black, very sweet and merciful, and rather large. It seemed as if she looked at our souls, not at our faces or bodies!
Her gaze is very difficult to describe.
She makes you want to love her and think about her more. Looking at her makes us completely happy, and when she looks at us, even more so. When she spoke to us, she looked at us, and her gaze also changed during the conversation.


It is very sweet and harmonious; you hear it with your ears, although the words go straight to your heart. It is as if the voice enters into you. She spoke with a very clear and sweet voice!
A couple times she laughed, in addition to her usual smile.
Her laugh was like her words, but it was something more than her simple way of speaking. I don’t know how to describe her laugh! I’ll never know how; it was very beautiful.


She gave each one of us a kiss almost every day. They were farewell kisses, one on each cheek. Sometimes I asked her to let me kiss her, but other times I kissed her without asking.
After the vision of Our Lady:
--I came out as if I were coming out of Heaven, with a great desire to love Jesus and Mary and to tell everyone about Them, because it’s the only thing that can make us happy, talking about the Blessed Virgin.


I love the Virgin Mary as if she were my Mother. You can speak to her about everything. I remember how one day she told us:
--Be very clean and presentable; I also took care to be so when I lived on earth.


The Blessed Virgin called us before she came. There were three calls:
The first was a sudden feeling of a very light joy. The second was stronger. At the third call, she was already taking us there. We set off as fast as we could to where she wanted us to be, she guided us and led us as if we were flying.
Oh, what joy for those who lived during that time when we saw the Blessed Virgin so many times! Even though sometimes we didn’t sleep, we didn’t mind. We were very happy!


Many times the Virgin Mary didn't look directly at us but further away, at the people who were behind us. Her face changed sometimes, but she never stopped smiling. I asked her:
--Who are you looking at?
She replied:
--I'm looking at my children.


We spoke with her about everything, even about our cows. She smiled a lot. We also played with her. We were so happy in those days! We didn't suffer at all, even when someone made fun of us. It was so good to be with the Blessed Virgin!
She was truly a friend and a mother, it was just as if she lived with us. She called us by our nicknames, just as everyone else did. She didn't say “María Concepción” but rather “Conchita.” Nor did she say “María Dolores” but rather “Loli,” etc.
Now we get tired during times of prayer, but back then we didn’t feel tired or sleepy or anything. We saw her so many times!


One day, during an apparition of Our Lady, we were wearing a "cilicio" around our waists (a chain worn for penance), although very loosely and, so that she would realize that we were wearing it, we would touch it every in a while. She said to us, “Yes, I know that you’re wearing it. But that’s not exactly what I ask of you all, nor is it what is most pleasing to me. What most pleases me is your fidelity in your daily, ordinary life.
She also once told us, “If you were to see an angel and a priest together, you should honor the priest first.”

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