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    Let Me Tell You with a Song
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Ask for my life

This song was composed during the summer of 2017, connecting quotes from the messages and stories lived by the young visionaries of Garabandal. The young soul who sings expresses her desire to give herself over to Mary, Our Mother and Queen, who with her crown of twelve stars may ask of us whatever She pleases. Before those who doubt if the Queen of Heaven really did visit Garabandal, the chorus repeats the sung short prayer, "They will believe one day, but today I believe in You."


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I will walk

This song was written for a pilgrimage of young people to San Sebastián of Garabandal.

Everyone who makes a pilgrimage to San Sebastián of Garabandal should know that it’s up to him to make the pilgrimage more than just another event; the pilgrimage means going to see someone who is waiting for you and who has been waiting for this encounter for a while. It means going to see a Mother who has charted a path to reach you, though it seems that you were the one searching for Her.

“I come not only for you, but for all of my children, with the desire of leading them to Our Hearts” (Our Lady of Mount Carmel to Conchita in Garabandal).

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What Does Our Lady Say to Us?

  • "You should make more sacrifices. Meditate on the passion of Jesus."
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