• The holy rosary

    "We prayed the Rosary whilst we saw her; she prayed with us in order to teach us to pray well."
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The Holy Rosary

Just like a Mother, the Blessed Virgin taught the girls in Garabandal how to pray.
"We prayed the Rosary whilst we saw her; she prayed with us in order to teach us to pray well."
She asked the girls to pray the Rosary and insisted in how it shouldn't be prayed in a hurry and without paying attention but slowly and attentively.
It was an 18th of August when the Virgin Mary taught the girls how to pray the whole Rosary. Our Lady pointed out that meditating on the words prayed is more important than the amount of words said.
"The Virgin taught us how to pray the litany, and the mysteries of the Rosary that we did not know. She only prayed the Glory Be; if she said the other prayers in the beginning it was only in order to teach us."

The History of the Rosary

The Church received the Rosary in its form of 15 mysteries in the year 1214 in a miraculous way when Our Lady appeared to Saint Dominic of Guzman and revealed to him this new way of praying the Salter. Saint Dominic used it as a powerful weapon for the conversion of the heretics and sinners. Since then the Church has encouraged this powerful and efficacious prayer.

Why pray the Rosary?

The word "Rosary" means "Crown of roses". Our Lady has revealed on several occasions that when we say a Hail Mary it's as if we were giving her a rose, and with every Rosary, a crown of roses. The Rosary is composed of both mental and vocal prayer. Mental prayer is the meditation on the principle mysteries or events in the life, death and glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Mother. Vocal prayer consists in the recitation of the Hail Mary whilst the mysteries of the Rosary are being meditated.

The Mysteries

In his apostolic letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae, John Paul II indicates how we should pray this marian prayer and the importance that it has. With this letter he added to the three mysteries already present (joyful, sorrowful and glorious) a fourth mystery, the Mystery of Light or the Luminous mysteries. The joyful mysteries are prayed Monday and Saturday, the luminous on Thursday, the sorrowful on Tuesday and Friday and the glorious on Wednesday and Sunday.

  • "The repetition of the Hail Mary in the Rosary gives us a share in God's own wonder and pleasure: in jubilant amazement we acknowledge the greatest miracle of history. Mary's prophecy here finds its fulfilment: 'Henceforth all generations will call me blessed' (Lk 1:48)." - Juan Pablo II
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