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Interviews and Testimonies

mariasimmaMaria Simma, the Souls in Purgatory, and Garabandal

"It will be something for the conversion of humanity."
There is an interesting book from 1993 entitled, Get Us Out of Here!! Maria Simma Speaks With Nicky Eltz, by Nicky Eltz. It is the finished product of over thirty interviews carried out during about five years. In this book, Maria Simma describes her experiences with candid simplicity and responds wisely to the interviewer’s countless questions. Certainly Maria Simma’s testimony must be studied and evaluated by the Church, and we remit it to the Church’s judgment. Nonetheless, I know several people who have read this book and I can assure that having read it has not left them indifferent. In several moments and manners, this book touches on Our Blessed Mother’s messages and the warnings she gave in the apparitions in San Sebastian de Garabandal. I thought we could benefit greatly studying and reflecting upon them.

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madrenievesMother María de las Nieves García 

"School Memoirs of Conchita" (1966-1968)
In the afternoon, Conchita would come to find me and we would speak in one of the drawing rooms. I never forced her; she came voluntarily.  A Claretian priest, Father Joaquin María Alonso, who was in Fatima studying Lucia's case for the Congregation of the Faith, found out and came to see me more than once. He spoke with the Mother General and told me that I should write down everything that I spoke about with Conchita, and even if 100 years went by, I should not destroy those memoirs.

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padrepioPadre Pio

On March 3, 1962, the four young visionaries, Conchita, Mari Loli, Jacinta, and Mari Cruz, received an anonymous letter in San Sebastián de Garabandal.

“Félix López, a former student of the Major Seminary in Derio (Bilbao, Spain) and later professor in the school in Garabandal, was gathered together with a few others in the kitchen in Conchita’s house.  The girl had received a letter that she did not understand, so she asked Félix to translate it for her.  It was writen in Italian, and Félix, after reading it, said, 'Based on his way of writing, it could be from Padre Pío.'”

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