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Fr. Gustavo Morelos was a Mexican priest who passed away on March 7, 2015, at 87 years of age. He had news of what was taking place in San Sebastián de Garabandal in 1965, when the apparitions were in their final stages. He managed to spend nearly three months in Garabandal that very year, studying the phenomena and interviewing the girls, their parents and siblings, and several witnesses. He lived to see his nephew’s surprising recovery from an illness doctors considered hopeless (read the article here). He always attributed this healing to the Virgin of Garabandal. Since then and until his death, he worked to spread the messages of Garabandal.

Faithful son of the Church as he was, in each diocese he sought the bishop’s permission before speaking about Garabandal. Thanks to this, we conserve a series of interesting documents that testify to the positive reception of the messages of Garabandal by Mexican bishops. These documents also contribute important references to the information the bishops had about Garabandal and why they felt moved to open their diocese to Fr. Morelos’ work.

In this letter, dated July 8, 1966, Manuel Pío López, Archbishop of Jalapa, Mexico, approves and blesses the spreading of Garabandal’s messages in his diocese. Firstly, he does so because of the content of the messages, which contain, “opportune, useful and salutary warnings to obtain eternal salvation.” Secondly, he approves and blesses the spreading of the messages because of the testimony of Msgr. Philippi, an official of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.


Below is the text of the letter. Here you can see the original scanned version. (Spanish only)

Fr. Gustavo Morelos

Dear Father,

Taking into account the indications of the Holy See and the Ordinary of Santander, Spain, as well as those prescribed by the Code of Canon Law, we approve and bless the publishing of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary’s message in Garabandal in our Archdiocese. In the light of Divine Revelation, we know that there is a great need for more prayer and sacrifice; for reverence for the Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary; and for obedience, love, and filial adherence to the Vicar of Christ and the Holy Church.

Therefore, we do not find anything contrary to the Faith and customs in this message, attributed to the Blessed Virgin Mary; rather we consider them opportune, useful, and salutary warnings to obtain eternal salvation.

It has been characteristic of those who received these apparitions to obey the Church’s dispositions promptly and with filial respect. This is a certain indication for all of us that God is at work here.

The Holy Church has manifested great prudence in this important matter through attentive study and pastoral vigilance, and by no means through prohibition and rejection.

One of the officials of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Msgr. Philippi, declared to Fr. Elias, Superior of the Carmel in the city of Puebla, that he consulted in Rome about the Blessed Virgin Mary’s apparitions in Garabandal. He was told that the fact that Saint Pio, recognized for his virtue, wisdom, and adherence to the Holy See, approves these apparitions and encourages the four girls to propagate the Blessed Virgin Mary’s message, is proof of their veracity.

Given at Jalapa of the Immaculate on July 8, 1966

Manuel Pío López, Archbishop of Jalapa, Mexico

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