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don valentinFr. Valentín Marichalar, Parish priest in Cosío and S. Sebastián

Excerpts from his writings, "Important Events" and "Diary", concerning the apparitions in San Sebastián de Garabandal.

From June 18, 1961 to December 17, 1962

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cerecedaFr. José María Alba Cereceda, S.J.

Fr. Jose Maria Alba Cereceda wrote a report dated on August 22, 1962 concerning some of the events that had taken place in San Sebastián de Garabandal. "According to the medical evaluation, a psychological or abnormal explanation is unthinkable; neither is it feasible to entertain the possibility of commercial, propaganda, or fraudulent interests on behalf of the family members or of the village as a whole."

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pucernauDr. Ricardo Puncernau, Neuro-psychiatrist

Dr. Ricardo Puncernau was [at the time] the Vice-president of the Spanish Society of Sophrology and Psychosomatic Medicine, and the President of the Spanish Association for Parapsychological Research.

"I have taken into consideration, pondered, and carefully observed [the events], and have reached the following conclusion: There has never existed nor does there exist any acting cause for what is happening in Garabandal other than the Most Holy Virgin."

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damiansD. Alejandro Damians Damians

Witness of the miracle of the visible Communion

"On several occasions, and with many people, I have had the opportunity to share my impression of the amazing miracle which I had the grace to witness on July 18, 1962 in San Sebastián de Garabandal. My report will begin a little earlier, on Monday, July 16, 1962. At that moment, I knew that the miracle – or rather, the first extraordinary public event – of Garabandal was announced for July 18."

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turnerP. François Turner, O.P.

It was in 1966 Father François Turner, O.P. from Blois, France, when first heard about the events that had taken place in Garabandal. From that moment on he began to study the apparitions. Together with Professor Lacques Serre, professor at Sorbonne University in Paris, he carried out the most extensive study concerning the events of anyone outside of Spain.  He has written numerous articles and, using the pen name Robert François, wrote the book, "O Children, listen to me,” published in French, English and German. He reached the conclusion, along with Professor Jacques Serre, that Garabandal is a marvelous Work of God and an undeniable manifestation of His Omnipotence. In addition, he has elaborated 24 proofs in defense of the authenticity of Garabandal.

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Mr. Juan Alvarez Seco, brigadier of the Civil Guard

Due to the fact that Mr. Juan Álvarez Seco was a Brigadier of the Civil Guard and head of the Puentenansa district (Cantabria, Spain) during the time of the apparitions, he is an extraordinary witness to all the events that took place in Garabandal.

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