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A lesson on charity

Sunday, September 16, 1962 turned out to be a memorable day in the history of Garabandal.

Father Valentine (the parish priest during the apparitions) wrote in his memoirs: “Here in the village there is a man who is a bit crazy, who does things that can be misjudged by those who come here and don’t know his abnormal state. He was in an asylum for a year and now he´s taken to living here. He is annoying and bothersome and so we´ll have to send him away… During the apparition that day, Loli and Conchita headed towards the house where this man, Alfonso, was staying. With the crucifix they made the sign of the cross over the pillow on his bed and when they passed by him they offered him the crucifix to kiss several times. The “crazy man” remained on his knees. That evening Fr. Anzizu remarked, ‘what a lesson on charity the girls have given us!’ All of us who had been speaking about the need of getting rid him were all quite impressed, especially the cardinal’s secretary, Fr. Guillermo Hausschildt, who had even considered denying him communion. Fr. Hausschildt said, ‘it is clear that Our Lady wanted to teach us a lession.’ He asked Conchita why they had gone to where Alfonso was and why they had given him the crucifix to kiss repeatedly. She answered, ‘The Blessed Virgin said to us: You despise him, but I love him.’ This answer amazed us even more and made us realize our great lack of charity.”

A Mother's Touch

Interesting things took place in Conchita’s house during the apparitions. But in the following story the protagonist isn’t Conchita… José Ramón García de la Riva relates the story in his “Memoirs.”

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She played with us

On some occasions, the witnesses saw the girls carefully slide along the wall, tip-toeing, trying not to make noise, until they reached the street corner. There, they slowly peaked their heads around the corner, as if they wanted to catch someone who was hiding from them…all of a sudden, as if they’d found what they were looking for around the corner, they shouted with joy and started chasing after it. It was truly beautiful to watch the girls’ game. Obviously, there was a mother who enjoyed spending time with her little ones.

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