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    From the times of the apparitions
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"It's already been kissed"

medalla escapulario

Francisco García Bañuelos is the grandson of Mr. Vitoriano, who was the school teacher in San Sebastián de Garabandal sometime before the apparitions took place. In the year 1961, Francisco lived in Santander and was 17 years old.

He received the first news about what was happening in his parents’ town in the Hospital of Valdecilla, where he was hospitalized during the whole summer due to an accident.


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"They Say One Thing, but We See Another"

ellos dicen

The young men talked among themselves without understanding the causes of the storm unleashed by what was happening in their town. David remembers that they said to each other, "Why are the newspapers publishing all this? The people who say they know what’s going on don’t understand anything!" One day, one of the young men asked, "What’s more important? What we see with our own eyes or what these people say and write?" The others replied, "No, come on! What we see is much more important!" The first responded with all the logic of the world, "Ah, so they say one thing, and we see another."


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The Double Proof for Sarín


David Toribio was one of the young men that guarded the girls in the famous “cuadro” (square) of the “Calleja” and impeded the avalanche of people from surrounding them.  He was a witness to the unforgettable ecstasies, which he remembers with great detail, thanks to his extraordinary memory.

One day, not long ago, David ran into Sarín, a neighbor from Cosío. Shortly after greeting one another, Sarín asked him, “Oh, “Davizuco!  Do you remember what happened in the village in ’61?”  David answered, “Of course I remember.”  Sarín continued, “And do you still believe it?  Are you convinced of it?”  David affirmed with certitude, “Completely, Sarín.  More and more every day.”

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The Tape Recorder


This story is taken from the report written by Fr. Jose Maria Andreu, S.J., an eyewitness of the apparitions.

This is a story that took place during the first days of August and it concerns a tape recorder. A man brought a battery-powered recording device and recorded what the girls said in ecstasy at the pines. I have reference to this event through Fr. Jose Salceda from Aguilar de Campoo, a witness of the following account.

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