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Do not think that the messages of Garabandal are just for those who were there at the time, who are now at least 60 years old, or that the messages are valid for others but “not for me.” Although the Blessed Virgin may have given these messages to us before you were even born, they are valid for everyone and speak to everyone.

Actually, the content of the messages of Garabandal is not anything “new.” Much of what they say could be summarized in the phrase, “Convert and believe in the Gospel.” Our Lady is inviting us to conversion, to recognize that we are sinners, to have faith and trust. Is this anything new or extraordinary? Not really. But since she is such a good Mother, she comes to give us this reminder. She is like a mother who takes care of her child, and although she has to repeat herself 50 times, she tells her son once again not to stick his fingers in the socket because he is going to electrocute himself and could even die. Would we say to that mother who warns her son that she should stop saying that, or that we do not want to listen, or maybe she could come later because we are not interested in what she has to say right now? Would we tell that son not to listen to his mother? So why do we not pay attention to Mary, our Heavenly Mother, when what’s at stake is not just our corporal life, but our very souls?

Think about it. Is she really asking for that much? No. And what she asks of you is for your own good.

So take the messages, copy them down on a piece of paper, and read them once in a while and ask yourself, “Am I living what Our Lady wants?” If the answer is yes, continue on that path. If not, do not get discouraged but start over again, trusting in her. What she said to Conchita in the last apparition she also says to you, “Do your part and we will help you.”

What Does Our Lady Say to Us?

  • "You should make more sacrifices. Meditate on the passion of Jesus."
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