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Aniceta González González

June 18, 1961    

I had told Conchita, "You always have to come home during the day, never at night." That day I was preparing dinner during the month of June. It was around 9 p.m., and even though there was still daylight, it seemed to me that it was getting late. When Conchita arrived home, I thought, “If today you come home a little late, tomorrow it will be even have to come home on time.”  

Meanwhile, Conchita walked in the house with tears in her eyes. 
Upon entering, she leaned on the door with her left hand and said, “Mom! I saw the Angel today.”

“The Angel? Besides coming home late, you´re telling me this nonsense? Don´t talk to me about such things!” 
I thought that she was trying to fool me so that I wouldn´t scold her. She stayed where she was, leaning against the wall. I didn´t say anything to her, but I felt chills within me. I asked myself, "What could this mean?" But I didn´t ask her any questions. The apparition took place on a Sunday.  


On the following Monday, we were helping a woman. Here, we have the custom to go and help everyone, whether it be a lady who just gave birth or someone who is sick. There were about 14 or 15 young girls and women, all together, helping in the corn field that belonged to Maria’s sister. They began to say, 
“Of course something happened...they had a look on their faces that made you feel sorry for them. They were completely white.”

I just kept quiet...I didn´t want anyone to know anything. I felt something inside of me, but I didn´t want anyone to find out. After the apparition, the girls ran into their teacher, and they went to the church to visit the Blessed Sacrament. Later, they went to the dance, where the other girls were. I didn´t see all of this, but Conchita told me. She came home afraid that she was going to be scolded. 
And so I said to the women, “Don´t be so childish like these little girls. You all know that girls sometimes run around saying “Ay!  We saw something scary!” That´s exactly what happened and nothing more. You are believing something that you shouldn´t believe.

I felt something inside, a feeling that I didn’t understand, but I didn´t want the others to notice. It took me several days to see it clearly: I was embarrassed. I had a pig there that I was going to fatten where Serafin´s house is now. The apparitions took place there, where the apple tree is in front the man from Seville's house. I went with Conchita to the house because she never left my side. When we went to feed the pig, she said, 
“Mom!  Look at the people that are up there!”
 It embarrassed me that they saw me. There were people from all over, from different villages.
 I said, “Be quiet!” 
In saying this, Conchita went over to where the other girls were. 
She said, “Mom! Come, come...there are a lot of people.” 
I didn´t want anyone to see me and so I went over to the side. But it didn´t work out; they all saw me, and I went home. Later on, since the crowd of people had already seen me, I went out and saw Conchita in ecstasy. I said [to myself], “This is true.”
An ignorant person, like myself, didn’t know what was going on. We didn´t know what an ecstasy was or that they even existed. But here, something true was going on. It reminded me of Lourdes or Fatima. Couldn´t something that had happened in another place happen here also? That day all the four girls were present.

In the month of May, I usually went to the church to visit [the Blessed Sacrament] in the afternoon. Usually there was Mass, because there were priests available every day. The month of June was busier and I couldn´t make it to Mass because I was working in the fields and farming. 
It was the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and I prayed to Him at home. While dinner was cooking, I was on my knees with the book that passed from house to house each day of the month. In the book, there was an image of the Child Jesus. Conchita was leaning against me and when I turned the page over she said, “Oh, Mom!  The image of the Child Jesus in the just like the one that we see.”

Without making too big of a deal about what she was saying, I said, 
“Well, this is a miniature...He´s tiny!”

“Yes, He is little bit bigger, but with the same coloring.”

The child in the image was like a beautiful angel. I recently came across the book, but the image was not there. I saw all of the ecstasies that Conchita had - the ones that I could go to - all of them. We saw many, with the exception of one or two. There was no doubt about it. Since I was convinced that it was Our Lady, I said, “Just as she followed the Passion, I too follow my daughter wherever Our Lady leads her. Why not? It’s not hard for me.

" Conchita mainly had the calls while at home and had the ecstasies in the house and then, later on, went out to the pines, the cemetery, or the Church. She frequently went out around 2, 3, 4, or 5 o´clock in the morning. 

After the message, Conchita had no more than four apparitions each week, one to four each week. 
While in ecstasy, her face became strikingly beautiful. She walked without growing tired, without any exhaustion, and she came out of the ecstasy with joy. After the ecstatic walks, there were strong men and boys -including my own- who were dripping with sweat, as if they had jumped in a pool, from trying to keep up with her. Conchita was completely fresh and normal...even her pulse was normal. 

The other three girls came into my house as well while in ecstasy. 

On one occasion, they separated them to see if they would coincide. My daughter was in my house and the others were in their houses. Even though they were separated, they went out running and came together at the same time. I witnessed this.

Conchita said to our Lady, “My mother is very ugly, her skin is dark and she has gray hair...”

There were some priests present that said, 
“No, gray no.” (But I really did have some gray hair.)

Conchita said, “You´ve only been here a minute.... An hour already?” 
That is what she said to Our Lady. 
And then the men looked at the priest who said, 
“Exactly, one hour.” 

They spoke softly, but the girls all said at the same time, 
“An hour?”


I saw my daughter fall into ecstasy many times, including on the hearth in the kitchen. When she went into ecstasy while she sitting on the hearth, she fell down on her knees but nothing happened to her. It sounded as if a bone fell right on top of a rock—you could hear it perfectly—but upon coming out of the ecstasy, she had no pain or damage to her knees.


I have seen Conchita give back medals and religious objects kissed by Our Lady to their owners. All of this without looking at whom she was giving the objects back to...many many people. One time, we were coming from Marina’s family’s house, and it turns out that passing through there, a lady put a wedding ring in Conchita’s pocket. 
As we walked a little farther on, she says, 
“Ah! I have wedding ring? No...I didn´t bring one.”

It seemed like the Blessed Mother must have told her that she did bring it. Conchita put her hand in her pocket and took out the wedding ring; she gave it to Our Lady to kiss, turned around and gave it to a man that I think was a teacher from Bilbao.


There are a ton of cases like that. Another time, a young man arrived here with a young lady, a young couple.  
This young man had an appearance of a bandit, at least to me. I thought that they were just that - a young couple. It was raining a lot, and there were many people here. Conchita, in ecstasy, entered the house. My sister was there, among many people. 
And this young man says to my sister, 
“Give this cross to the girl.” 

And my sister says, 
“Why should I give it to her if they don´t take anything? In ecstasy, they don´t take anything that you give them.”  

“Well, give it to her mother, so that she can give it to Conchita.”

My sister comes over to me and says to me, “Here...that young man over there wants you to give this to Conchita.”

“Why should I give it to her if she´s not going to take it?”
 Then, an idea came to me. The cross was hanging on a cord. The idea was to hang it on Conchita’s fingers, because her hands were folded together during the ecstasy. 
Conchita insisted during the vision, “I didn´t bring anything. I didn´t bring anything.”

You could hear her well, even though she said it softly; I was very close to her.
 “Well if I have something, take it.”

With that, Conchita took one step forward, threw her hands down, and the cross fell to the ground. 
As she walked forward, she stepped on the cross.
 “Ah! What did I step on?”
 She bent over, grabbed the cross, and gave it to the apparition to kiss. She turned to the young man, made the sign of the cross over him with the cross, and gave it to him to kiss. 
She gave the cross to the apparition again and said, 
“With such a lovely habit that the Dominicans have, it´s a shame that he comes dressed like this!”
 With that, she went back to the young man, took off his glasses, and placed them in his hands. 
The man was afraid, and I said to him, 
“Don´t be afraid that she´ll break them.”
 She made the sign of the cross over the man and gave him the cross to kiss. 
She hung the cross around his neck, but instead of putting it facing outward, she put it on him facing inward. 
“Ah! I put it on backwards?”
 Conchita took the cross off him again, turned it around, and hung it back on his neck.  
Then, she opened his hand, took the glasses and placed them on him, saying, 
“What a shame he came like this, in this way!” He was a priest who was pretending, dressed as a lay person, with a young lady who really was his sister. There are many, many cases like this that I could tell.  


One day Conchita levitated in the kitchen, but I didn´t see it. The brigadier Juan Seco, Mr. José Ramón, Dr. Ortiz, and other people, including priests were here talking about what happened.  
Mrs. Mercedes Salisachs intervened saying, 
“I heard that there was a levitation; I wasn´t able to see it because of the crowd of people, but everyone there was saying, 'She is levitating! She’s not touching the ground!'" I never saw that, but I did see Mari Loli levitate. These events happened frequently.

The first "Night of the Screams," Conchita did not leave the house because she was sick at home. She went into ecstasy and wrote a letter to somebody, but I´m not sure to whom. Conchita wrote the letter perfectly without looking and with the paper in the air. There were many present who witnessed this event.

I did not witness the Miracle of the Host either. Conchita said to me one night,
“Mom, if you want, I´ll tell you about the miracle…"el milagrucu" (the little miracle).
She had talked about it to other women in the village, but didn't mention anything to me. I never wanted to hear about this type of thing before others. It seemed so important to me, these things seemed so big to me that I never wanted to know before others about what happened. I wanted to wait like everyone else. I never asked her anything, never, but she said,
“I can tell you about it.”
My sister was there with me and she said,
“Say yes...!”
“No…you don't have to tell me anything, I will hear about it later.”
And with that Conchita said to me,
“Mom! The Blessed Mother told me to tell you.”
“Oh!  If Our Lady told you so, do whatever you want. But it really doesn´t matter to me. I want to be just like everyone if I didn't matter. When others see it, I will see it too.”
“Well, you will be able to see the Host the next time I receive Communion.”
“And this is what you call the little miracle? This is the greatest miracle that could occur in the whole world: the Eucharist.”
“Well then, after seeing this miracle, will you believe?”
“Yes, yes...completely.”

"The Holy Father could say to me, 'This isn´t was just a phenomenon or something similar.' I would follow what the Holy Father said, but in the depths of me, I will never be able to forget that you received Communion from the hands of an angel." And that is what I said to her, even though I never ended up seeing it. Three of my sons were away from home and one son was back home with the cows. I thought to myself, “If the four of them come together, I´m going to go to the church and be there praying while the miracle is happening. Let someone else see it.”
I wanted to make a sacrifice. Serafín, my eldest son, wasn´t able to make it because he had just recently found work outside the village. I wasn´t interested in running after her to see the miracle. I never saw it, but I heard the shouting all the way from my house. There were a lot of people and I could hear them shouting. I said,
“Oh!  The must have killed her!”
I thought that they were going to kill Conchita, or hit my sons. The police was there, but I thought that her life was over. I said,
“What happened? What happened?”
A woman came up to me, grabbed my arm, and began to drag me along saying,
“I saw it! I saw it!”
“What did you see?”
“I saw the Host!”
“Well, if you saw the Host, then thanks be to God!”
From that moment on, I remained totally calm. I was filled with such happiness and that was enough for me.
(Aniceta is especially thankful to Pepe Díez, because he was the one who watched after Conchita during the Miracle of the Host.)

Being that two of my sons were not at home and the youngest was outside with the cows, I asked Pepe if he could please watch out for Conchita. He saw a lot of what happened...and he stayed with her to protect her from the crowds. He was present when she was given the visible Communion; I asked him and he told me about it. Benjamin was also there, even though I didn´t know him yet.  
 One day, my son Aniceto (the one who passed away), said to me,
“Mother, there´s a man here who wants to lift Conchita. I didn´t let him...I told him that he has to ask you about it.”
Conchita was in another ecstasy heading for the “Calleja” (the stony path). I told Benjamin,
“Listen- you can lift her right now. She's up by the “Calleja” on her knees.”
I have no idea why I gave him permission to lift Conchita...I didn´t want people anywhere near her. But Benjamin looked like a good man with a serious face. He went off to pick her up, but could not lift her. When the ecstasy ended, he came back here to the kitchen and I asked him,
“Hey, do you want to try lifting her again?”
“No, no... That was enough for me.”
 One night, there were some people who gave us a bad impression. Serafín said to Fr. Valentín,
“I´m going to take Conchita inside the house...I don´t like the looks of the people here tonight.”
“Go ahead...take her inside.”
Conchita arrived in ecstasy. Serafín went to grab Conchita and lead her through the door. In the end he was able to, but he could barely move her. Later on he said that he had never felt a weight so heavy in his life, and Conchita was only 12 years old. While in ecstasy she said,
“Ah!  They want to lock me inside! But as you can see, I´m going with you.”
Serafín, on hearing this, said,
“Alright! That´s enough little blessed one of God...go on out!”
 Conchita felt completely safe when she was with the Blessed Mother. I heard all of this too because when they opened the door, I was able to step inside.

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