• Get to Know Her as Mother

    She is a Mother that does not abandon her children.
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In Garabandal the Virgin Mary wanted to reveal herself above all as a MOTHER. She is a Mother that does not abandon her children. On the contrary, she worries about her children. She said to Conchita, “I have them all beneath my mantle”, and to all of us, “I love you a lot and I desire your salvation”.

With somewhat protestant ideas some think that Catholics have an “excessive” devotion to the Mother of Our Lord. Even among Catholics the following idea good weave it’s way in: that fostering a devotion to the Mother of God takes away from the importance that we give to God. This is a false idea. Far from lessen the importance, She helps us to grow closer to God, she wants to lead us to her Son.

To get to know her and take her in as a Mother is to accept the gift that Jesus made to us from the Cross: “behold your Mother” (Jn. 19:26-27). She is always with us, we can speak to Her and entrust ourselves to her.

In Garabandal Our Mother asked the children about their cavities, she asked them about the cows, she formed them and taught them how to pray, she even played hide seek with them.

Maybe you’re not going to show her your cavities but you might have a wound on your heart and she wants to know about it and invites you to speak to her with simplicity and trust. If this wound is a sin that is hurting you, she will help you to cut it at the root leading you to the Sacrament of Confession, to the grace of the forgiveness of sins. Maybe you don’t own cows but she’s interested in hearing about what you do with the intention of teaching you that everything you do should serve for your salvation and to lead you to Heaven. Maybe you can’t see her in the way in which the girls saw her in Garabandal but you can by all means ask her to help you and she, as the most powerful intercessor, will intercede for you before her Son.

And what about the hide and seek? A time might come when it seems like you no longer see her and that she is no longer there. It might seem like everything is darkness. But it’s not true. In faith you just have to begin to search and the one who searches with an upright and sincere heart will find, and you will realize that a Mother never abandons her children.

What Does Our Lady Say to Us?

  • "You should make more sacrifices. Meditate on the passion of Jesus."
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