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The Best of All Mothers

You don’t experience Our Lady as your Mother? Read here how, in Garabandal, Our Lady was above all a Mother to the girls. She desires to act as a Mother with you and with all her children. Jesus gave her to us from the Cross and she accepted us as her children. These stories fill our hearts with trust and with a desire to have a relationship and a filial love for the best of all Mothers.

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Fear? No! Conversion.

On June 19 and 23, 1962, the so-called "Nights of the Screams" took place. During the two nights, the visionaries were instructed regarding the "Warning" and the "Chastisement." The Virgin Mary revealed a vision to them of the Chastisement that would come if, after the Warning and the Miracle, the world did not change.

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Pray Many Rosaries

On May 13, 2017, we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the first apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Fatima. She appeared to three shepherd children: Lucia (10 years old), Francisco (9 years old), and Jacinta (7 years old).

What was the first conversation they had with Our Lady like?

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What Sacrifice Does She Desire?

The Virgin Mary teaches us that while She had asked them to make sacrifices and always do penance, these do not constitute the end that God expects of them. They are just a means to dispose the soul to be faithful, to love, and to be humble. If sacrifices do not produce humility but instead vainglory, they no longer please Her. What She expects from us is faithfulness in our daily duties and in the little things in order to be faithful in greater matters.

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