Francisco went running after her. He knew that Montse was not capable of running like that. Never, and much less during a crisis. A suspicion arose in his heart: “Could it be a miracle?”

Montserrat Moreno and her husband, Francisco Santiago, didn't go to Garabandal looking for a miracle; they just wanted to rest and pray. Montse was ill, gravely ill. She suffered from ankylosing spondylitis (a degenerative and incurable condition in the vertebrae) and also from fibromyalgia. In this article, they tell us themselves the story of her amazing healing.


From Conchita's diary

"One day in church Our Lady told me in a locution that I would see her on Saturday, November 13th, at the pines; it would be a special apparition to kiss the religious objects so that I could give them away afterwards. I was anxious for this day to arrive so that I could see Our Lady and Baby Jesus again. They have implanted in my life the seed of God's happiness.
It was raining, but I didn't care. I went up to the Pines, carrying the many rosaries which people have given me to distribute…  As I was went up, I was talking to myself, being sorry for my defects, desiring not to fall into them again. For I was very concerned about appearing before the Mother of God without getting rid of them.
When I arrived at the pines, I began to take out the rosaries and I heard a sweet voice, the voice of the Virgin, which you can always recognize from other voices, calling me by my name. I answered her, 'What?' At that very moment, I saw Her with the Child in her arms. She was dressed as usual and smiling. I told her, 'I have come to bring you the rosaries so that you can kiss them.' She said to me, 'I can see.' I had been chewing gum, but when I saw her, I stopped chewing and stuck the gum to one of my teeth. She must have noticed, because She said, 'Conchita why don't you get rid of the chewing gum and offer it up as a sacrifice for the glory of my Son?' A bit ashamed, I took the gum out and threw it on the ground. She said afterwards, 'Do you remember what I told you on your saint's day: that you would suffer much on earth?... Now I repeat it to you. Have trust in Us.' Then I added, 'How unworthy I am, oh Mother of us all, of so many graces received through you, and now you have come to me to help me carry the little cross I have." She said, 'Conchita, I have not come only for you but I have come for all my children, with the desire to bring them closer to Our Hearts.' She asked for the things I was carrying. 'Give them to me so that I can kiss all that you have brought.' And I gave her everything. I had also brought a small crucifix which I gave her to kiss. She kissed it and said , 'Put it in the hands of Baby Jesus.' And I did so and He said nothing. I said, 'I intend to take this cross with me when I go to the convent.' But She did not reply. After kissing everything, She commented, 'My son, through this kiss, will work wonders. Distribute them to the others." Of course I will do so.
After all this, She asked me to tell her all the petitions which I had received for others. She said, 'Conchita, tell me, tell me things about my children. I have all of them under my mantle.' And I said, 'It is too small and there is no room for all of us.' She smiled at this.
'Do You know, Conchita, why I did not come personally on June 18th to give you the message for the world? Because it pained me to say it myself, but I have to say it to you for your own good and, if you obey, for God's glory. I love you very much and I desire your salvation; I desire to bring you all to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Conchita, won't you respond to this?' I said, 'If I could always see you, yes; but if not, I can't because I am very bad...''Do all you can,' Our Lady added, 'And we will help you, and also my daughters Loli, Jacinta and Maricruz...'
She did not stay long with me. She also said, 'This will be the last time you will see me here, but I will always be with all my children.' Afterwards she added, 'Conchita, why don't you go often to visit my Son in the Most Blessed Sacrament? Why do you let yourself be carried away by laziness and not go to visit Him? He is waiting for you day and night.'
As I have written above, it was raining hard. Our Lady and Baby Jesus did not get wet. I was not aware that it was raining while I was seeing them, but when I stopped seeing them, I  realized I was soaked. I also told her, 'O how happy I am when I see you. Why don't you take me with you right now?' She answered, 'Remember what I told you on your saint's day. When you go before God you must show Him your hands full of good works, done by you for your brothers and for the glory of God; now your hands are empty.'
That's all, I spent a happy moment with my Mother from heaven, my best friend, and with Baby Jesus. I have stopped seeing them, but I continue to feel them close. Again they have sown in my soul a great peace, joy and  desire to conquer my defects so that I will be able to love, with all my strength, the hearts of Jesus and Mary who love us so much..."
Conchita ends with this: "The Blessed Virgin Mary told me before that Jesus does not want to send the chastisement in order to distress us, but in order to help us and reproach us because we pay no attention to Him. And the warning will be sent in order to purify us for the miracle, through which He will show us His great love, and in order that we may fulfill the message."

The Only Witness


On June 18, 1961, in the little village of St. Sebastian of Garabandal, four girls, Conchita, Mari Loli, Mari Cruz, and Jacinta, received an unexpected visit from an angel. It was the beginning of a series of events that would dramatically change their lives and impact the lives of thousands of people. 



"It's already been kissed"

medalla escapulario

Francisco García Bañuelos is the grandson of Mr. Vitoriano, who was the school teacher in San Sebastián de Garabandal sometime before the apparitions took place. In the year 1961, Francisco lived in Santander and was 17 years old.

He received the first news about what was happening in his parents’ town in the Hospital of Valdecilla, where he was hospitalized during the whole summer due to an accident.


“A group of mothers placed all our hopes in the Virgin of Garabandal and we regained our children.” - Sara Urioste, mother of one of the October 1972 plane-crash survivors.

The story about the plane-crash that occurred in October 1972 is well known by many. However, the testimony of Sara Urioste, mother of one of the survivors, is less known. She attributes her son’s life and that of the other survivors to the intercession of the Virgin Mary who appeared in Garabandal.


"They Say One Thing, but We See Another"

ellos dicen

The young men talked among themselves without understanding the causes of the storm unleashed by what was happening in their town. David remembers that they said to each other, "Why are the newspapers publishing all this? The people who say they know what’s going on don’t understand anything!" One day, one of the young men asked, "What’s more important? What we see with our own eyes or what these people say and write?" The others replied, "No, come on! What we see is much more important!" The first responded with all the logic of the world, "Ah, so they say one thing, and we see another."


The Double Proof for Sarín


David Toribio was one of the young men that guarded the girls in the famous “cuadro” (square) of the “Calleja” and impeded the avalanche of people from surrounding them.  He was a witness to the unforgettable ecstasies, which he remembers with great detail, thanks to his extraordinary memory.

One day, not long ago, David ran into Sarín, a neighbor from Cosío. Shortly after greeting one another, Sarín asked him, “Oh, “Davizuco!  Do you remember what happened in the village in ’61?”  David answered, “Of course I remember.”  Sarín continued, “And do you still believe it?  Are you convinced of it?”  David affirmed with certitude, “Completely, Sarín.  More and more every day.”

“I burst into tears and asked God to forgive my disbelief”


Dr. José de la Vega asks God for a sign to make him believe.

Dr. José recalls what happened:

Half of the village and all the outsiders, including children, followed her astonished by what was happening. We'd just seen her in her modest village kitchen, chatting with us, even though she was half asleep because it was 4 o’clock in the morning, and now we were seeing her suddenly in ecstasy and falling down upon the hot kitchen stone floor without burning herself.


The Tape Recorder


This story is taken from the report written by Fr. Jose Maria Andreu, S.J., an eyewitness of the apparitions.

This is a story that took place during the first days of August and it concerns a tape recorder. A man brought a battery-powered recording device and recorded what the girls said in ecstasy at the pines. I have reference to this event through Fr. Jose Salceda from Aguilar de Campoo, a witness of the following account.

"I began to shake all over..."


Celina was a young mother who didn't live in San Sebastian de Garabandal but who went there frequently in order to visit her mother. Her family told her everything about what was happening there in Garabandal. She found it hard to believe everything they told her about the apparitions. How could she believe? She'd known the girls before they were born... How could it be true that an Angel and Our Lady were appearing to them?

“They don’t want to kiss Him?”

cruz besar

During their ecstasies, the visionaries always carried a crucifix that they would offer to those present. They would stretched out their hand to whomever Our Lady indicated in order for that person to then kiss the crucifix. This is an anecdote from the night of October 17, 1961.



“I Saw the Whole Communion”


Josefina Cuenca was 91 years old when I met her. I remember her seated in her armchair, almost blind and barely able to move, but very well taken care of by her youngest daughter. As I entered the room, her daughter spoke with a loud voice into her ear, “Mom, some people have come to see you. They want to hear you talk about the apparitions, if you want to.”

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