Maria Herrero de Gallardo was present at more than 30 apparitions in San Sebastián de Garabandal. Here are some of the extraordinary events she witnessed during her first visit.


Between November 7-15, 1967, a painter from Santander, Doña Isabel de Daganzo, resident in Barcelona, met with Conchita in Burgos to show her some of her sketches of the Virgin Mary.


After the first message was read in the pines that rainy day of October 18, 1961, it was as if night settled in on the heart of many people. The exterior storm was accompanied by an interior gust of disappointment. Was that it? Fr. Ramón María Andreu was among those who went through a "test" that night.

"She is Going to Burn Her Hand"


Those of us present thought that, by holding the lightbulb for such a long time, she would surely burn her hand. Her mother said:
-- For Heaven's sake! She is going to burn her hand.

"I Can't Reach"


Conchita fell into ecstasy. She offered a few medals to the Virgin to kiss, saying:
-- I can't reach.

Look How Ugly They Made You, as Beautiful as You Are!


One afternoon, a married couple arrived at Garabandal with a friend who had already been present at an apparition and had given a medal to the girls for the Virgin Mary to kiss. However, this friend returned doubting that his medal had really been kissed.

What Happened to Damián and a Cross


Damián, a man from Barcelona, had given Conchita a chain with a medal and a tiny gold cross so that when she was in ecstasy she would give them to the Virgin Mary to kiss.

The Virgin of Garabandal in the Miracle of the Andes by One of the Survivors.

Eduardo Strauch Urioste was silent about the dramatic experience for thirty years, but then he started to speak. In 2012 he wrote his experience, matured by years of reflection, in a book Out of the Silence: After the Crash. Below there are paragraphs in which Eduardo, touched, talks about the rescue and relates it to his mother’s –and other peoples’, including the first lady of Uruguay at that time – prayer to the Virgin of Garabandal, who appeared “in the mountain."

We united in Holy Matrimony

The Blessed Virgin Mary of Garabandal moved Diego to repentance and to the desire of conversion. This has led him to balance his life and to marry Ester, mother of his three children, whom he can now call “my spouse.” How many hearts would turn to God if only Our Blessed Mother could speak to them from Garabandal!

Thursday morning, August 2, 2018, my life and my point of view regarding Our Lady of Garabandal, who was completely unknown to me up until that moment, was going to change.
One of my best friends had invited my family and me to go to Garabandal, Cantabria, to see the place and visit Our Lady who had appeared there. They are good Catholics and form part of the Home of the Mother. I am a practicing Catholic, too, as well as a catechist. However, I did not know about the phenomena of Garabandal, and to be honest, I was skeptical and full of doubts. I have always considered myself a person of a strong faith, but I don’t like to be fooled nor led on by false visionaries or fake events.

Healed from asthma

I prayed fervently to Our Lady of Garabandal, “Mother, please, help me to keep going. It’s embarrassing to keep my friends and the priest back because of me. Help me to calm down and breathe so we can continue the Stations of the Cross.”

For CarLogio Rodríguez, discovering the apparitions in Garabandal meant discovering the Church and the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Confession, which he had not received since his First Holy Communion. He is convinced that “Garabandal is the answer from Heaven to the situation we are living today.”

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