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    The Village of Garabandal
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14 - Mari Cruz's House


Mari Cruz lived in this house during the time of the apparitions.

There is a story about Mari Cruz, from the first year of the apparitions, in which we can see her great desire to see Our Lady again:

«Early in the morning on August 27th, while Mari Cruz was in ecstasy, she said: "Why did you not come these past days?" It had been 3 days since she had received a vision.  And she continued, "No, I don't get tired.  The other girls don't get tired either. I get tired when I rest.  Are you going to come tomorrow?  But don't fool me like the other days. I am always waiting for you! It's been 3 days since I saw you.  Stay a bit longer! I've seen you less!"» (From the Book: "Testigo directo de Garabandal", by José Antonio Juliani).

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