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Don’t Fall Asleep!

We are often asleep in our practice of faith, charity, and hope. We have nearly forgotten that the Lord told us to keep watch because we do not know the day nor the hour of his return. Advent arrives to remind us of this. Christ promised that He would return, but we do not know when. Meanwhile, He has told us to keep watch and pray. We can take seriously these words of Christ, and really make an effort to put them into practice and not waste time this Advent.

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Mother, send me

It is often difficult for us not to place ourselves in the center of attention. It’s true that Mary is looking at you, that she loves you and that she is taking care of you…but not just you. She looks at, loves and cares for everyone because they are all her children. She wants to use you as an instrument in order to reach her other children. In Garabandal, the visionaries became instruments through which the world came to know the love of the Blessed Mother and her messages to us. The Virgin Mary also wants to use you as an instrument in order “to look” at her children.

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The Best of All Mothers

You don’t experience Our Lady as your Mother? Read here how, in Garabandal, Our Lady was above all a Mother to the girls. She desires to act as a Mother with you and with all her children. Jesus gave her to us from the Cross and she accepted us as her children. These stories fill our hearts with trust and with a desire to have a relationship and a filial love for the best of all Mothers.

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Fear? No! Conversion.

On June 19 and 23, 1962, the so-called "Nights of the Screams" took place. During the two nights, the visionaries were instructed regarding the "Warning" and the "Chastisement." The Virgin Mary revealed a vision to them of the Chastisement that would come if, after the Warning and the Miracle, the world did not change.

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