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It All Began on June 18

Once again, we remember the anniversary of the first apparition of the Angel in Garabandal, an apparition which commenced an entire story of love.

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The Rosary - A Beautiful Prayer

In Garabandal, the Rosary was the prayer the girls prayed most during the ecstasies. The Virgin Mary taught them to pray it well. In her diary, Conchita says, "We prayed the Rosary looking at Her. She prayed with us to teach us how to pray it well." Conchita also remembers that when the Virgin prayed the Our Father or the Glory Be, "her whole being was prayer."

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Accomplish My will and you will find My love

In 1966, Conchita received a locution from Jesus. His words can also shed light on what our attitude should be concerning His will. 
"Every soul that prepares itself, that remains disposed to hear Me, shall know what My will is".

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