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Two inseparable hearts

Jesus and Mary are inseparable; their Hearts are inseparable. Mary leads us to Jesus and Jesus gives Mary to us: "Behold your Mother." He gives her to us as a mother. He gives us the heart of a mother.

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The "Warning" will come soon.

The "Warning" will come soon. We know this, but we shouldn't waste so much of our time and energy trying to guess when God and Our Lady will act. We should be more worried about examining our own heart to discover how we are still in need of conversion.

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Meditate on the Passion of Jesus

During the apparitions, Our Lady indicated that the cross should be given to the crowd to kiss. The girls in ecstasy would repeatedly give the crucifix, Her Son on the cross, Our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ, to be kissed by those present.

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The Mother of God is my Mother

The Dogma of the Divine Maternity refers to the fact that the Virgin Mary is truly the Mother of God. This was solemnly defined in the Council of Ephesus (431 AD).

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