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“Don’t Go”

Fr. Jose Maria Andreu, S.J. (eyewitness of the apparitions in Garabandal) relates in his report that when the girls were in ecstasy, you could often hear them say, “Don’t go.” That was their way of expressing their desire to remain in ecstasy, in other words, to keep seeing the Blessed Virgin.

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Advent with Mary

The time of Advent reminds us not only of the past, celebrating and contemplating Jesus’ birth at Bethlehem, but also of His constant presence among us. It also reminds us that we must always be vigilant and that He will come again in glory

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Hands Full, Not Empty

What is my desire to encounter God and Our Lady like? Is it great? Many times, we rejoice at vain and passing things that do not bring us true joy. Conchita speaks of God's happiness sown in her soul in this passage. Loving God and being loved by Him is where true happiness is found. We often seek happiness where we are not going to find it.

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An Message not to be forgotten about

“Who are we that Our Blessed Mother should come to us, speak to us, give us a message, and tell us what we should do? Do we perhaps deserve her visit?" A single word would already be a gift, and she has given us many. The simple fact that Our Lady has come to visit us is already something extraordinary and of such great value that we should not demand nor desire anything more.

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