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Just A Moment?

Fr. Jose Maria Andreu, S.J. (eyewitness of the apparitions in Garabandal) relates in his report that when the girls were in ecstasy, you could often hear them say, “Don’t go.” That was their way of expressing their desire to remain in ecstasy, in other words, to keep seeing the Blessed Virgin. Once, one of the girls said to another, “You know jokes. Tell her some so that she doesn’t leave.” In a “concrete expression of their desire” for her to stay, they would tell her “about things that had happened that day or days beforehand.” Fr. Andreu notes in his report the girls’ impression that time did not pass while they were seeing the vision. After an hour or more of beginning the apparition, they would say, “Why are you going in such a hurry? You’ve only been here for a little while. Oh! So long? I thought that it had been just a moment.”

I Am Happy When I See You

These things are touching because we can see that the relationship that the girls had with Our Lady was full of trust, like a daughter with her Mother. If we reflect on this, it should not be so surprising that they say such things or desire to continue seeing the one who caused such joy for their souls. Conchita herself expressed in the last apparition, “Oh, how happy I am when I see you.” It is the happiness one experiences when one is with Our Lady, which is truly like being with Our Lord because, “where the Mother is, the son is there as well.”

Are You Happy?

And you, think a bit, when are you truly happy? When we are with the Lord, when we live with Him and according to His ways and when live with Our Lady and how she desires is when we are truly happy. We might suffer or cry, but we have a happiness that no one can take away from us. It is the true happiness that the Gospel speaks to us about: “Rejoice, because your names are written in heaven” (Lk 10:20). That is to say, let us not seek happiness in passing things, but rather let us live truly happy and free in the Lord. Let us live with our gaze set on heaven. When we are with Our Lady we are happy. Conchita writes in her diary, “We can be with her, whenever we want to be.” The question is what we want.

Then, What?

So, we should spend time with Our Lord and Our Lady. Do prayer, read the Word of God, pray the Rosary, receive the Sacraments… These are all ways to be with Her now and in the next life. The Sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion are important. Our Lady placed much emphasis on Eucharist’s importance and how it is being forgotten. We must give due importance to the Blessed Sacrament and to the state of our soul when we draw close to receive such a great gift. This Sacrament will bear much fruit in our soul and in the entire Church if we receive it with a soul that is clean and in the state of grace.

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