manos llenas

Finding ourselves once again close to the date of the last apparition in Garabandal, we experience a new invitation to go deeper into its beautiful content. In her diary, Conchita relates that she, "had a great desire for that day to come, so that I could once again see the one who caused God's joy [to grow] within me!" A question arises: What is my desire to encounter God and Our Lady like? Is it great? Many times, we rejoice at vain and passing things that do not bring us true joy. Conchita speaks of God's happiness sown in her soul in this passage. Loving God and being loved by Him is where true happiness is found. We often seek happiness where we are not going to find it.
The entire narrative is worth reading, but today I invite you to focus on one detail, one word from Our Mother. "When you present yourself before God, you must show your hands full of good works done for your brethren and for the glory of God. Now your hands are empty." No comment is necessary because the Virgin Mary explained perfectly what we have to do. I say what we have to do, because although she was speaking to Conchita, Our Lady had said, "I come, not only for you, but for all of my children." Everything she says applies us because we are her children. Being Mary's child is yet another cause of joy, but it comes with a responsibility. What good child does not listen to the words his mother addresses to him? And how much more when the mother is this Mother in particular! Therefore, we must understand these words as if they were said to us and put them into practice.
They invite us to do works in favor of our brethren and for God's glory. The greatest good we can do for someone to help them draw close to God. That is giving glory to God, since God is glorified in man fully alive, the man who lives close to Him. In the end, we can say that it is an invitation to charity, to love. Our hands have to be full of love, love for God and for neighbor. We return to this great desire. If I truly desire to see God and the Virgin Mary, I will be willing to do everything they ask me to do. Today they ask that I love - just this - to love and let myself be loved by Them.
Today look upon the Virgin Mary. Ask Her to help you fill your hands with these works of charity, so that when you present yourself before God, you can show Him your hands full, not empty.