Our Heavenly Mother

When Conchita speaks about the first apparition of Our Blessed Mother in Garabandal, she says that it was as if her Mother had been away on a trip and had just returned home. “We told her so many things… it was as if a Mother hadn’t seen her daughter in a long time and she tells Her everything. Well, even more so with us, who had never seen her before. And She is our Mother in Heaven!” (Conchita’s Diary)

She is a Queen, but also a Mother

The girls’ interaction with the Blessed Virgin in the first apparition was full of familiarity; they spoke with candor to the Queen of Heaven and told her everything. “’We’ve gone to work in the field every day… now we have a suntan… the hay is already in bales…’ She just laughed.” In addition, this Queen is also a Mother, and you can tell anything to a Mother, especially when it’s a Mother like the Blessed Virgin. This simplicity in their relationship, full of love and trust, is something that we all can and should imitate. We can tell her everything, speak to her, ask for her intercession, and turn to her in moments of difficulty. She also listens to us and smiles. What stands out the most in Garabandal is the maternal love of Mary who comes as our Mother, a Mother who is concerned for her children. She takes interest in all aspects of our life, but especially in the salvation of our souls.

I love you very much

People nowadays tend to place their material wellbeing above everything else, and we forget that the most important thing is that we are called to be holy and to go to Heaven. Our Lady comes to remind us of the eternal realities, and how they are worth so much more than the things of this world. Jesus already told us, “What does it profit a man to win the whole world if he loses his soul?” (Mt. 16:26) Our Blessed Mother tells us in her last apparition, “I love you very much and desire your salvation,” and goes on to say, “Do your part and we will help you.” We need a Mother who can help us, as well as the grace of God that always accompanies us, but we must do our part and make the effort to pray, to make sacrifices, to do what she tells us in her message, and not grow weary.

We are with her

This “all” includes everyone. We can be with her whenever we want to be. It’s a reality; she is with us. Since the beginnings of the Church, the beginnings of Christianity, Mary has always been present. In the Acts of the Apostles, we read, “They all persevered in prayer, with one spirit, along with some women, with Mary, the mother of Jesus…” (Acts 1:14) We can also place ourselves at Mary’s side, just like the apostles, and ask her to help us, to teach us how to pray, to protect us, and all the other petitions that spring forth from a heart of a confident child, who truly trusts in his Mother.