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The "Warning" will come soon. We know this, but we shouldn't waste so much of our time and energy trying to guess when God and Our Lady will act. We should be more worried about examining our own heart to discover how we are still in need of conversion.
Let us have our personal warning ahead of time by taking a sincere look inside ourselves. Enlightened by the Holy Spirit we must ask ourselves, "How do I have to change?" Perhaps I'm lacking charity. Perhaps I should dedicate more time to my family, or I should be less curious, or less materialistic. Maybe God is calling me to be more profound and less superficial in my considerations. Maybe I’ve settled for just being good, but have not yet surrendered everything to God. The Lord could possibly be asking more of me: a smile when I'm not in the mood, an encouraging word instead of losing my patience, denying myself for the sake of others, or not eating a chocolate bar and giving the money that it would have cost me to someone in need. It could be that I have not fulfilled my obligation as a Christian and Catholic regarding my own spiritual formation and the formation of my conscience. Maybe I have not spoken clearly or have kept silent in the face of an injustice or in a situation where our Catholic Faith is attacked. Perhaps Our Lord has simply been calling me to spend more time with Him in prayer, and I have put other things that I consider more important before Him...

Let us not wait for the warning to come for us to convert our hearts. Conversion is a daily process. If we are sincere, the Lord will show us now what we have to do and how we have to change. In this way, we will be prepared for the day in which He will send us that "warning," that new opportunity of conversion for the world.

Let us live out Our Lady's messages: making sacrifices, visiting the Blessed Sacrament, praying with sincerity, and meditating on Jesus' Passion. The Gospel remembers very few of Mary’s words, because she “kept all these things, pondering them in her heart.” However, among the few words that we do know, we find the following command, "Do whatever he tells you.”

So let us turn our gaze towards the Lord today, and make the firm resolution, with the help of His grace, to follow Him faithfully from this point forward, doing whatever He tells us.




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