art madre

The Dogma of the Divine Maternity refers to the fact that the Virgin Mary is truly the Mother of God. This was solemnly defined in the Council of Ephesus (431 AD). It was in this ecumenical council when the title "Theotokos" (Mother of God) was officially given to the Virgin Mary; however, the Christian faithful had been addressing her as such since the 3rd century. Benedict XVI says, "This title underlines that Christ is God and that he really was born as man from Mary."

Mary helps us by being our Mother

After the Council of Ephesus, an explosion of authentic Marian devotion broke out. Many churches dedicated to Our Lady were constructed, including one of Rome's basilicas, Saint Mary Major. The same doctrine was confirmed later on during the Council of Chalcedon (451 AD), in which Christ was declared "true God and true man… born of Mary, Virgin and Mother of God, in humanity for us and for our salvation.”
Every other title attributed to the Virgin comes from her vocation as Mother of the Redeemer, and all other titles with which the Church honors Mary come from her title as "Mother of God." Benedict XVI says that these privileges "were not granted to Mary to distance her from us, but to make her even closer," and furthermore, "by her belonging completely to God, this Woman is very close to us and she helps us by being our Mother.”

Mother of the Church

During the Second Vatican Council, Pope Paul VI solemnly gave her the title "Mother of the Church," Precisely for that reason she is also the Mother of each one of us who believe. From the cross, Jesus entrusted his Mother to his beloved disciple, and his disciple to his Mother. Each one of us can consider himself as the beloved disciple to whom the Lord entrusts his mother and who at the same time is given by the Lord to Mary saying "Mother, here are your children." Jesus leaves us a truly precious inheritance.

Do whatever He tells you

Now it's our turn to try to live as children worthy of having such a mother. The first thing we should do is thank him for having given us his Mother and for permitting her to visit us so many times during our pilgrimage to our Heavenly Homeland. Let us not be deaf to the words that Our Blessed Mother says to us, let her words not fall on rocky ground. Beginning with the words she pronounced at the Wedding Feast at Cana, "Do whatever He tells you," we should listen to her words and embrace them with great joy.