espiritualidadIn Garabandal the Virgin brought with her on several occasions the child Jesus.
Conchita writes in her diary:
"The Virgin sometimes bought with her the Child in her arms. He's was very small, like a new born baby. He had a round face, the same color as Our Lady, a very small mouth, his hair was curly and a bit long: he had very small hands, and was wearing a blue tunic."
When time had passed since they had seen Baby Jesus, the onlookers would hear Conchita exclaim: "It's been so long since the last time you came with the baby, but He hasn't grown at all … He hasn't changed at all… ¿Where's He been? When you don't bring Him, where is He? In Heaven? In a cradle?"

An Eyewitness

Fr. Manuel Antón tells us about one of the days he was in the pines and he saw Jacinta and Loli in ecstasy.
"After the third or fourth Hail Mary during the first mystery of the rosary, the rosary fell from the hand of the girl who was leading the prayer. The two of them fell to the ground into an ecstatic state whilst exclaiming, 'Ay!' You could see clearly that they were speaking to Our Lady. Whilst continuing to look upwards they traced on the ground circles and crosses or other signs and figures, there they placed the objects that before or after they had lifted up to the Virgin so that she could kiss them...

In that moment I couldn't hear what they were staying but i later heard them say:
'Let Him down, let Him down…' They lifted up their arms as if wishing to receive something. To me it was obvious that they were asking the Virgin to let them have the Child. They was great a desire in their eyes and their pleading!
Moments afterwards I was given the impression that they had in their arms what they had long waited for. They lowered their gaze and bent down over the child, it seemed as if they were passing it from one to another. Whilst they did so they repeated:
'He's is so beautiful, How precious He is…'
I can assure that they said it in such a way that one was truly impressed. It seems like in those words and in their gaze their soul was filled with love and joy. I Could tell from their gestures the moment in which they gave back the Child to His Mother."

To Jesus through Mary

What did Our Lady want to teach us by bringing with her the Child Jesus?
God is not far away from us. He is very close to us. He became man out of love for us and in order to save us.
As the Virgin Mary in Garabandal wanted to lead the girls towards Jesus, it was necessary for her to bring Him during some apparitions. The girls relate how when She came with Baby Jesus she was always smiling, content, and happy. When She brought Him with her, they would speak as little girls to Him and, on more than one occasion, they were able to hold Him in their arms. Once, when Mari Loli had Baby Jesus in her arms, the onlookers overheard her say to Our Lady, "If you want, you can leave and I will take care of Him for you."
The Virgin also wants to give us the Child Jesus. We must receive Him in our heart. In order to do so it´s necessary for us to make sure that our heart is free from sin so that He can be well received. The sacrament of confession will help us to do this.

The Kingdom of Heaven is theirs

It is well known that the Lord speaking about children´s simplicity said "for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to these." (Mt. 19;14) This is an invitation for all of us to become children once again. This is not a childish way of acting, but it is a spiritual infancy that means doing by virtue what a child does by nature: above all trusting in God and our Mother.
Mary's motherly presence and that of Baby Jesus invited the girls to treat them with a simplicity and trust that we, although we are older, have to try to imitate.

What can I give Him?

Conchita tells us: "We liked to throw parties for Jesus. We would get together little stones. I would put them in my braids, Loli would put them up her sleeves, and Jacinta would give them to Him. He didn't take them but He smiled a lot. Mari Cruz used to say to Him, 'I have some sweets that someone gave me. If you come with me, I'll give them to you.'"
What about us? What can we give the child Jesus? What can we give God? We have to give Him EVERYTHING.