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In Garabandal the girls say that the Virgin Mary spoke to them of a very great Miracle. Fr. Pesquera in his book writes: “It will be much bigger, much stronger than that of Fatima [the miracle of the sun]… it will make such an impression that none of those who see it will be able to leave with doubts. It would be convenient for everyone to be present, and there would surely be no chastisement, since everyone would believe." It is true that the Virgin Mary promised it would be very big. Conchita wrote in her diary, "The Miracle is also immensely great because the world needs it." But before the Miracle, another event has been announced: the Warning.

See Yourself as God Sees You

The Warning will be a particular grace God will give to each person in order to him or herself as God does. It will be a time when we will find ourselves alone with God and our conscience. As the girls explain, the Warning somewhat recalls the experience that St. Teresa of Jesus had when the Lord showed her the place she deserved in hell for her sins. Far from being an experience that separated her from God, it was a painful grace that she recognizes, "one of the greatest mercies that the Lord has given me, because it has done me a lot of good." In Garabandal, as Conchita said, the Warning, although it will be seem to be a chastisement for the suffering it will cause, is not intended to provoke fear.

"God will send us a Warning so as to purify us, or to prepare us, to see the Miracle in which He shows us His love and the desire that we fulfill the message."
"It will be very good for those who do not despair because it will be for our sanctification."
From Conchita's Diary

The girls themselves say they do not know when this notice will come. But it will certainly come. Since fear is not its purpose, we must not be alarmed either but prepare our hearts. It is a time to open our hearts to God, examine ourselves sincerely, and seek and take advantage of all opportunities for conversion. We are poor, but the Lord is rich and wants to share and instill in us His love and grant us His forgiveness. We must beg for mercy for ourselves and for the whole world.

Reviewing My Life

With all of this in mind, it is time for us to review our lives. Let's not wait for the day of the Warning. We can prepare for it by placing ourselves before God and invoking the Holy Spirit to see ourselves in Him. A daily examination of conscience helps remove venial sins, vices and voluntary defects that remain even after our conversion. Our whole life is a constant conversion towards God. We do not always realize it, but small infidelities creep into the soul, darkening it. The Lord is light. He wants to fill our hearts, and for this reason calls us to be faithful. We build so many idols in our hearts: ourselves, an object, a career, a goal, a fashion, a god who is not the true God... It gravely offends God, seeing that the First Commandment says that we should have no gods other than Him. We must examine our hearts thoroughly and ask ourselves: "Is there anything or anyone I place above Him who must reign in my heart?"

She Will Help Us

Let us not forget how the Virgin Mary appeared in Garabandal: "I, your Mother." As a good Mother who is at our side, She is with us. If we are with Her we have nothing to fear. In these times, let us go to Her with confidence. Let us pray the Rosary, lift our voices in song, supplication and love-filled gazes to the sweetest of mothers, Mary.

Mary, you who do not abandon your children, help us. Support us. Bring us to the Truth: your Divine Son. Amen.


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