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In Garabandal, the Rosary was the prayer the girls prayed most during the ecstasies. The Virgin Mary taught them to pray it well. In her diary, Conchita says, "We prayed the Rosary looking at Her. She prayed with us to teach us how to pray it well." Conchita also remembers that when the Virgin prayed the Our Father or the Glory Be, "her whole being was prayer."

Praying the Rosary was not foreign to this town, as Conchita's brother, Miguel, tells us: "When I was younger and used to work in the field, the church bell rang at noon. All of us stopped working, even those who were with the cattle, to pray the Angelus. Later in the evening, everyone--men, women, children--returned home to later pray the Rosary in the church. This happened every day."

It is no wonder that the Virgin Mary appeared in a place where the Rosary was prayed every day in the church.

The Rosary is an important part of the Virgin Mary's Message at Garabandal. This fact does not clash with the reality lived in the Church for centuries. Many saints have prayed and encouraged to pray the Holy Rosary. St. Pius X notes in his testament that: "The Rosary is the most beautiful and the most rich in graces of all prayers." In other Marian apparitions, we have seen how the visionaries are also invited to pray the Rosary. In Lourdes, St. Bernadette prays the Rosary on the bank of the Gave with the Lady: "I began to pray the Rosary while the Lady passed the beads... When the Rosary was finished, the vision disappeared." In Fatima, too, She insists that they pray the Rosary to obtain a particular grace: "Pray the Rosary every day to obtain world peace."

However, you cannot and should not pray in any manner whatsoever. The Virgin Mary taught the girls to pray slowly. The very visionaries affirm, "We should think about what we are praying. Praying is talking to God and the Virgin. When we say the Our Father or the Hail Mary, we are talking to God and the Virgin Mary, and we must say them like when we talk to a person whom we love very much, slowly and from the heart."
With these lessons, the girls learned that doing a lot of things or praying several prayers without paying attention does not obtain good fruits but rather, doing the things undertaken as best as possible. Holiness is not found in praying several prayers hastily, but in submerging oneself deeply in a personal relationship with God through prayer.

We, too, can learn to improve our prayer and our form of praying from the girls. Make the resolution to pray the Rosary. Pray it slowly and thinking about the words that come out of your mouth, that is, uniting your heart to your lips. To do this, looking at a picture of the Virgin Mary and reading a Gospel passage about the mystery helps.

We ask the Virgin Mary, Our Mother to teach us to pray as She taught the girls in Garabandal.

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