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In 1966, Conchita received a locution from Jesus.  (To find out more about locutions, click here.)

“Conchita, you come here to the convent school to prepare yourself to be My spouse and, you say, to follow Me. Do you not say, Conchita, that you seek to do My will? Well, now you are seeking to do yours. Will it be this way all your life? I chose you in the world so that you would remain in it, experiencing the many difficulties that you would encounter because of Me. I want all of this for your sanctification and so that you may offer it for the salvation of the world. You must talk to the world about Mary. Remember, in June, you asked me if you would be a nun. I replied that wherever you were, the cross and suffering would be your lot. I repeat this to you now. Conchita, did you ever hear Me calling you to be My spouse? No, because I have never called you.”
 I asked Him, “But how does one hear Your call to be a nun?”
 He replied, “Don't worry about that. You will not hear it.” 
I said to Him, “Then, you don't love me, Jesus?”
 He answered: “Conchita, you ask Me that? Who redeemed you? Accomplish My will and you will find My love. Examine yourself well. Think more about souls. Do not be concerned about temptations. If you remain faithful to My love, you will overcome numerous temptations that await you. Understand intelligently what I have said to you, intelligently in a spiritual way. Do not close the eyes of your soul. Do not let yourself be deceived by anyone. Love humility, simplicity. Never think that what you have done is much. Consider what you have to do, not to gain heaven but for the world, so that people may accomplish My divine will. Every soul that prepares itself, that remains disposed to hear Me, shall know what My will is.”

These words of Jesus can also shed light on what our attitude should be concerning His will.  

Thy Will Be Done

There are many times that we want to do our own will and not God’s.  What we want is not always bad.  We can want something that is good but that God does not want for us.  It is important for us to want what God wants.  In reality, this should not surprise us because it is no different than what Jesus Himself taught us.  In the Our Father prayer, he taught us to pray: “Our Father…Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”  He also taught us in the Garden of Gethsemane to say, “Yet, not My will, but Yours be done” (Lk 22:42). Sometimes, it can be painful to accept the will of God, but it will always be to our advantage, because everything that God wants and permits is for our good. As St. Paul says, “Everything works for the good of those who love God” (Romans 8:28). Jesus has revealed to us the reason behind why we should do His will: “I want all of this for your sanctification and so that you may offer it for the salvation of the world.” It also should not surprise us that Jesus said to Conchita that everywhere the Cross would be her lot. In the Gospel, the Lord told us, “Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after me cannot be My disciple” (Lk 14:27). 

Who Redeemed You?

When Conchita asked Jesus whether or not He loved her, Jesus asked her, “Conchita, you ask Me that? Who redeemed you?” When we feel the weight of the cross or are confused about what God is asking of us, we may find ourselves asking, “Has God abandoned me? Does He not love me anymore?”  It is enough for us to lift up our gaze to the Cross in order to understand that this is not so. He has loved us to the extreme and His love is faithful. We cannot doubt His love because He has said to us, “I have loved you with an everlasting love” (Jeremiah 31:3). 

What Can I Do?

Jesus told Conchita concrete things that she could do. We can also examine ourselves in these things and make them our resolutions.  

- Think more about souls

- Do not be concerned about temptations

- Do not close the eyes of your soul

- Do not let yourself be deceived by anyone

- Love humility and simplicity

- Never think that what you have done is much

If You Remain Faithful to My Love, You Will Overcome

This promise of Jesus to Conchita is beautiful. We know that our fidelity is a grace from Him and we know that He is, and always will be, faithful. St. Josemaría once said while speaking about interior struggles, “Be faithful and you will overcome.” That is, if you are faithful to My words, to what I ask of you, you will reach the end. You will reach Heaven.


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