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She played with us

On some occasions, the witnesses saw the girls carefully slide along the wall, tip-toeing, trying not to make noise, until they reached the street corner. There, they slowly peaked their heads around the corner, as if they wanted to catch someone who was hiding from them…all of a sudden, as if they’d found what they were looking for around the corner, they shouted with joy and started chasing after it. It was truly beautiful to watch the girls’ game. Obviously, there was a mother who enjoyed spending time with her little ones.

On September 6-7, 1969, a group of French “Garabandalistas” came together for a spirituality meeting in Candésur–Beuvron. Among other interesting talks, one was given by Madame Le Pelletier de Glatigny (María Teresa) on “Marian catechesis in Garabandal.” Here are a couple of her points:

“Among the important lessons in the “Catechesis” given by the Blessed Virgin in Garabandal, I want to highlight something which, despite its childlike appearance, I believe, touches the depths of our spiritual life. I refer to the games of “hide-and-seek”, that on more than one occasion the Blessed Virgin played with the girls…The more I meditate on this, the more I believe to have found it’s hidden meaning. “As you all know well, when a mother tries to teach her little ones to walk by themselves, she frequently use the strategy of hiding behind a door or a tree, and from there she calls them, almost lovingly obliging the child to look for her. In this way, the child begins training and strengthening himself in some as necessary as walking on his own two feet. “The Blessed Virgin must have been trying to do something like this. We all know that in the spiritual life, the Lord begins by giving to the soul the joy of feeling His presence, and then it’s as if the Lord retreats and hides himself, given the soul the chance to seek Him with greater eagerness and without sensible consolations… “Mary, who knows well the ineffable secrets of divine life in the souls, in order to teach such profound things to some poor village children, used the living lesson of a game of “hide and seek.” In the game, they experienced the suffering of loosing sight of her and the desire and the attention they placed in finding her again. They should later have to apply this to the ups and downs of their own spiritual life, which will be everything but easy.”

Between July 15 and August 8, 1970, Madame Le Pelletier de Glatigny visited Garabandal. One day, while speaking with Conchita, she asked her if she had heard anything about the talk she gave in Candé. Conchita replied that no, she hadn't, so Madame Le Pelletier began to explain to the young woman how one could interpret the “games” which they had, years ago, played with the Blessed Virgin: “Surely the Blessed Virgin wanted to teach you how to seek her, to prepare you for a life of pure and simple faith when the apparitions ended. And now that you find yourselves in complete spiritual darkness, you know better than me what this means…” “Yes,” replied Conchita, “that was what the Blessed Virgin wanted to teach us."

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