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    Mother, Teacher, and Model
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A Mother's Touch

Interesting things took place in Conchita’s house during the apparitions. But in the following story the protagonist isn’t Conchita… José Ramón García de la Riva relates the story in his “Memoirs.”

Loli was in ecstasy and the moment everyone was excitedly awaiting arrived. Loli was going to return the objects which the Blessed Virgin had already kissed to their respective owners. As usual, the child began the task of, without looking and without making a mistake, taking them out, one by one, of the big pile where they were all mixed up and tangled and returning them to their owners. She took a wedding ring and placed it on the ring finger of the right hand of the woman to whom it belonged. But, almost immediately, and as if following mysterious instructions, Loli took the ring off of her right hand and placed it on the woman’s left hand. The lady couldn’t help herself and burst into tears. Why? Because, as she told the onlookers, she understood this to be a beautiful gesture from Our Lady because in Valencia, her home-town, the wedding rings are not worn on the same hand as in the rest of Spain, but rather they’re worn on the finger on which Loli had placed her ring. And if that wasn't enough, Loli said the lady’s husband’s name, and she had not told her husband’s name to anyone.

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