October 2021


Dear friends,

We have begun October, a month dedicated especially to the rosary. Some people say that it is a repetitive and boring prayer, but that is absolutely untrue. Praying the rosary is contemplating the life of Christ through the eyes of Mary. In many Marian apparitions, She has insisted that we pray the rosary. In Garabandal, She taught the children to pray the rosary, and to do so slowly. They said, “We must think about what we are praying; praying is speaking with God and Our Lady. When we say the Our Father or the Hail Mary we are speaking with God and Our Lady, and we have to say it the way that we speak with a person that we love a lot—slowly, and from our hearts.” This “from the heart” is very important. It tells us that we must put effort into paying attention to what we are praying, and to Whom we are speaking. It is possible that sometimes we pray it distractedly, and even though our lips move, our mind and heart are elsewhere, but we must try to ensure that most of the time, we do not pray like that. Today, more than ever, we are in need of this prayer that calms hearts and works miracles.

One of the miracles most attributed to the praying of the rosary was the miracle of the rosary in Hiroshima. This miracle occurred on August 6, 1945. At 8:15, an atomic bomb exploded in the city of Hiroshima. Everything within a radius of approximately 2.5km of the bomb was destroyed, and everyone was burnt. However, one place 1km from the epicenter of the bomb remained standing: a residence of Jesuits. It is humanly unexplainable how it is possible that even the church attached to the house was destroyed, and yet the residence remained standing, and the Jesuits of that community did not suffer a single effect, both at the time of the bombing and afterwards. Through the years, over 200 doctors have conducted physical tests on the Jesuits who, inexplicably, did not suffer a single physical effect from the bombing. Fr. Hubert Schiffer explained, in a Eucharistic Congress, over 30 years later: “I was in the middle of the atomic explosion and am still here today, alive and saved.” He attributed it to the protection of the Virgin Mary: “We prayed the rosary daily in the community.”

This miracle is one of many that, throughout history, have shown us how a constant and faithful devotion to the Virgin produces fruits. These miracles which the maternal presence of Our Lady produce can be small or great, striking or less remarkable, but all deserve the response of a grateful heart and the constant remembering of the goods that we receive from God through the hands of Mary. As an attentive Mother who looks after Her children, She does not cease to repeat Her petition to Jesus: “They have no wine.”

Let us thank Our Lady for her presence and attention and for the gift of the rosary. It would be a very good resolution in this month to put effort into praying the rosary—and not just personally but with our family or a group of friends—putting into our prayer all the intentions of our hearts and of the world, which is so greatly in need of God and of conversion.

May God bless you all,

The garabandal.it Team

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