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Conchita tells us about the first apparition

This is an excerpt from Conchita's diary in which she herself tells what happened on July 2, 1965, the day of the First Apparition of the Virgin Mary in Garabandal.

July 1961
July 2, Sunday, has arrived.
We went to Mass and the Rosary. The Rosary was at three in the afternoon and, after the Rosary, we went down the road because that day some of my siblings were coming and we went to see if they were on the way. It's five kilometers from San Sebastian to Cosio, and four of us walked. As people knew us, because we were all together and they had seen us in photographs, they stopped us and gave us gifts: boxes of chocolates, rosaries, candies, etc., a lot of things.
That day there were about 10 or 11 priests, doctors, an abbot and lots of cars. Far from the town, we were going to return because people were asking us a lot of questions. A boy from the village came down on horseback searching for us until he found us. The driver of the Land-Rover saw us and met us. He asked if we wanted to go up to the village and we said yes, as my brothers hadn’t come.
When we arrived at the village many people and priests were waiting for us. It was six o’clock in the afternoon. We went to the Calleja to recite the Rosary. And before we had arrived there, the Virgin appeared to us with an angel on each side. One of them was St. Michael. We didn’t recognize the other one. He was dressed like St. Michael. They appeared to be twins. At the side of the Angel on the right, at the same height as the Virgin, we saw a very large Eye. It appeared to be the Eye of God. That day we talked a lot with the Virgin Mary. And she talked to us. We told Her everything: that we went to the field every day, that we were really dirty, that we had put hay in stacks, etc… She smiled, since we were telling Her so much.
We prayed the Rosary looking at Her, and She prayed with us to teach us to pray well. When we had finished the Rosary, She said that She was going to leave. And we told Her to stay a little while, since She had been there only a very short time. She smiled and told us that She would return on Monday. When She left, it made us sad.
When She had left, people kissed us and asked us what She had said. Some of the people didn’t believe since we had talked so much. But the majority did believe because they said it was a mother who hadn’t seen her daughter for a long time, who tells her everything. We even more so, who had never seen Her. She is our Mother in Heaven. They took us to a sacristy. A priest named Fr. Francisco questioned each of us, one at a time. Afterwards, he told the people what we had said to him.
That is how Sunday, July 2nd, ended. It was a very happy day because we saw the Virgin Mary for the first time. For we are all always with Her, whenever we want to.
The Virgin Mary comes: wearing a white robe, a blue mantle and a crown of golden stars. You can’t see her feet; her hands are open and there is a scapular in her right hand; the scapular is brown. Her hair is long, a dark chestnut brown color, wavy, and parted in the middle; her face is somewhat elongated; her nose is also somewhat long, and fine; her mouth is very beautiful; She has slightly full lips.
The color of her face is tan, but much lighter than that of the Angel, different. Her voice is very beautiful, very unusual. I don’t know how to explain it. There is no other woman who resembles the Virgin Mary, either in her voice or in anything.
Sometimes She carries the Baby in her arms. He is very small, like a newborn baby, with a round face the same color as the Virgin Mary’s. He has a small mouth, and his hair is slightly long and curly. He has small hands. He is dressed in something like a blue tunic.



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