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Simple and Normal Girls

After studying the girls from different points of view, numerous experts agreed in concluding that the girls were "simple and normal." This was affirmed, for example, by Dr. Jeronimo Dominguez after personally interviewing the girls.

In his "medical report on the visionaries from Garabandal," Dr. Puncernau makes special mention of the oldest, Conchita, whom he describes as "beautiful and playful, in a positive sense of the word. She is intelligent and has a great sense of humor. She is good, not self-righteous or prissy, but completely normal. She is both funny and kind. She has a great sense of decency, especially in anything that might imply the slightest trace of impurity. I have never observed in her a trace of unhealthy mischief. We would compete to see who was taller. We would both cheat by standing on our tiptoes… This was the best way of getting to know the girl, more than doing exams and tests on her, although I did those as well. I can say the same about Jacinta, Mari Loli, and Mari Cruz.”

Dr. Celestino Ortiz Gonzalez, pediatrician from Santander, carried out a study that was considered one of the most relevant studies during the time of the apparitions. He spent two months of direct work during the phenomena, and these are his conclusions:
1 - “From a pediatrician’s and psychiatrist’s point of view, the four girls have always been and continue to be normal.
2 - The ecstasies we have seen the girls in cannot enter the margins of any category of physiological or psychic pathology presently known.
3 - Given the long time during which these phenomena have occurred, if they had had a pathological nature of any kind, we could have easily discerned the signs.
4 - In both normal and pathological child psychology, I cannot find any explanation that could present as natural events phenomena that, according to all the knowledge we have, escape natural realities.”

The conclusion of Dr. Ortiz agrees with that of many other doctors who positively affirm the health of the girls.

Dr. Puncernau details in his report the large number of tests that he submitted Conchita to, and in conclusion he writes: “All this cannot be considered a child's game. The historical medical authenticity of the events at Garabandal is incontrovertible." Incontrovertible means that it does not admit doubt or dispute; that is to say that in the judgment of medicine, the ecstasies of Garabandal appear to be authentic.

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