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las casas

They Visited Homes

In their ecstasies the girls went into homes

In his book, Garabandal Message of Hope, Fr. Jose Luis Saavedra speaks about the visits the girls made to homes while they were in ecstasy. These very extraordinary events, which we will take a look at now, remind us of how Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother visit our homes, too, and wish to occupy first place in them. We ought to open our doors and let them in so that our homes may be true "domestic Churches" where love, faith, and peace may reign.

Fr. Jose Luis writes with the help of Simon Gonzalez, witness from Garabandal:
"In their ecstasies the girls go into homes. ‘They visited every home in the town-all of them.’ And, ‘When they prayed in ecstasy (inside the homes) it was very moving...’ They offer the crucifix to be kissed by those present and trace the Sign of the Cross on various places: ‘They approached the headboards [of the beds] and traced one cross... it was a sign that just one person slept there. If they made two, two people slept there, either a married couple or siblings... [they never made a mistake even without being familiar with the house] it was exact.’ No one ever saw them make a mistake. On the contrary, they guessed things that were unthinkable. For example, in one bed, they made the Sign of the Cross ‘at the foot of the bed and another at the headboard.’ It turns out that, while there was only one pillow, two siblings slept that way-sideways-in that house which belonged to Tiva.

If the girls visit the town's homes in ecstasy, they visit especially the homes of the sick and deceased. Simon Gonzalez recalls how the girls in ecstasy ‘prayed at the side of a person who had died... They prayed and we responded. Did anyone speak? Not a word. Just prayer, then they left. They would also visit the sick, although they did not pray but only make the Sign of the Cross.’"
(From the book, Garabandal Message of Hope, by Fr. Jose Luis Saavedra)

We can just imagine the relief and joy these visits produced on the families of these homes where the Virgin Mary entered. Thus, the walks the girls made in ecstasy were to bless, console, and accompany [people].

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