• Marian Feast Days

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The celebration of the Feast Holy Name of Mary or Sweet Name of Mary took place for the first time in 1513, in the Spanish city of Cuenca. From there it extended to all of Spain, and in 1683, Pope Innocence XI extended it to the entire Western Church.

Mary's name is holy and full of sweetness. It brings us joy and inspires love, gives strength and comfort. Ricardo de San Lorenzo says, "Mary's name came forth from the Treasure of the Divinity." For St. Anthony of Padua, the name of Mary was "Joy to the heart, honey on his lips, music to the ear of her devoted ones."
 Contemplating Mary, St. Bernard exclaimed, "O great! O loving! O worthy of all praise, most holy Virgin Mary! Thy name is so sweet and lovable that it cannot be uttered without inspiring love for thee and God! Those who love thee need only call thy name to mind, and it is enough to console them and enkindle greater love."

God has given us a name that we can invoke and is sweet on our lips: Mary. Graces are bestowed upon us through her intercession, because She is the Mediatrix of all graces. Along with the name of Jesus, Mary is the name that we should have engraved in our heart and on our lips in suffering and in joy--always.



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