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The Lieutenant Colonel that was a Priest


Dr. Gonzalo de Federico, a military doctor, tells us about a conversation he had with the military chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel Fr. Isidoro, on the air base in Getafe, Spain, in the spring of 1970. Fr. Isidoro explained to Dr. Gonzalo how the girls in Garabandal discovered that he was a priest, despite the fact that he arrived when the ecstasy had already begun and that he was wearing his military uniform.



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The Only Witness


On June 18, 1961, in the little village of St. Sebastian of Garabandal, four girls, Conchita, Mari Loli, Mari Cruz, and Jacinta, received an unexpected visit from an angel. It was the beginning of a series of events that would dramatically change their lives and impact the lives of thousands of people. 



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"It's already been kissed"

medalla escapulario

Francisco García Bañuelos is the grandson of Mr. Vitoriano, who was the school teacher in San Sebastián de Garabandal sometime before the apparitions took place. In the year 1961, Francisco lived in Santander and was 17 years old.

He received the first news about what was happening in his parents’ town in the Hospital of Valdecilla, where he was hospitalized during the whole summer due to an accident.


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"They Say One Thing, but We See Another"

ellos dicen

The young men talked among themselves without understanding the causes of the storm unleashed by what was happening in their town. David remembers that they said to each other, "Why are the newspapers publishing all this? The people who say they know what’s going on don’t understand anything!" One day, one of the young men asked, "What’s more important? What we see with our own eyes or what these people say and write?" The others replied, "No, come on! What we see is much more important!" The first responded with all the logic of the world, "Ah, so they say one thing, and we see another."


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