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    From the times of the apparitions
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What More Do I Need to Believe?


Among many of the stories we know, we bring to you a story which was told by Maximina Gonzalez about a ring that belonged to Maria Luisa Salazar and her husband from Bilbao.

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Fr. Ramon M. Andreu's Cross - Found Objects


Fr. Ramon M. Andreu noted this extraordinary event of which he himself was a witness.

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Something Belonging to Her Son


One day, a powder compact appeared among the several objects for the Virgin Mary to kiss during an apparition. The people, including the girls themselves, were surprised to see that someone had put a profane object there to be presented to the Virgin Mary...How could She kiss such a thing?

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Josefa’s Medal

medalla josefa

David Toribio is the narrator of this story. David was one of the young men who guarded the girls from the visitors and protected them from the masses of people that were formed around them during the time of the apparitions.

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