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Christmas in "albarcas"


Christmas time during the 60's in Garabandal was a time for celebrating, yes, but celebrating with deep faith. Because of the low economic income, the townspeople could not permit too many "extras" for the Christmas celebrations. The household mothers did try to make sure the food was more abundant than usual, even though it wasn’t very extravagant nor anything really special.

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"Then I will believe"


It was the afternoon of October 16, 1961. Among the numerous spectators present that day were two priests from Asturias (Spain), but since they were not wearing their clerical attire nobody realized that they were priests.

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The First Wedding Ring Kissed by Our Blessed Mother


The first ring given to Our Lady to be kissed belonged to Maximina, Conchita’s godmother and aunt. Jacinta went to Conchita’s house in ecstasy. Maximina was talking to Conchita and said, “Conchita, since our wedding rings are blessed, maybe Our Lady will kiss them. It just occurred to me. Give this to Jacinta so she can give it to Our Lady and we’ll see if she kisses it.”

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The Sight Touched Even the Hardest of Hearts


March 24-25, 1962. Feast of the Annunciation.

Jacinta's father, Simon, recalls:
«The three girls, Conchita, Loli and my daughter, up until then had only "prayed" the rosary. That day, however, they began to sing it and they sang the whole rosary.

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