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Can they ask Our Lady for greater miracles than these?


Her head was looking upward the whole time as she walked through the field full of people without tripping even once. Without really seeing her, she stopped in front of the lady who was situated at Consuelo's side. The lady held her breath full of emotion. Conchita began to take one of the medals off her neck without it getting tangled up with all the others she was wearing. Consuelo could see clearly everything that was taking place.

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Alberto's "alpargatas"


“Manolita, get my ‘alpargatas’ together; tonight I'm going to run alongside the girls.”

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The Bride's Scapular


This story took place during a wedding celebration. The protagonist is the Bride herself, Jacinta Cosío Mazón, who married José Ramón González González. Obviously this Jacinta is not the same Jacinta who was one of the visionaries, as the bride was much older.

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Servando and Teresa's wedding night


Servando was going to get married to Teresa Mazón and the whole household was getting everything ready for the newly wedded couple. Servando's father, who worked in a quarry and whose name was also Servando, fixed up a house for them. The house was built on top of a stable and was situated near Aniceta's fountain. There was a stone outdoor staircase leading up to the house's front door. The staircase had 6 or 7 stone steps finishing off on a type of landing which led into the house. It was there that the newly wedded couple was going to live. It seemed that not even Servando's brothers new where there future house was and where they would be sleeping their first wedding night.

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