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"I began to shake all over..."


Celina was a young mother who didn't live in San Sebastian de Garabandal but who went there frequently in order to visit her mother. Her family told her everything about what was happening there in Garabandal. She found it hard to believe everything they told her about the apparitions. How could she believe? She'd known the girls before they were born... How could it be true that an Angel and Our Lady were appearing to them?

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“I Saw the Whole Communion”


Josefina Cuenca was 91 years old when I met her. I remember her seated in her armchair, almost blind and barely able to move, but very well taken care of by her youngest daughter. As I entered the room, her daughter spoke with a loud voice into her ear, “Mom, some people have come to see you. They want to hear you talk about the apparitions, if you want to.”

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Three Bewildered Visitors


David Toribio was one of the young men that protected the girls when the apparitions in San Sebastián de Garabandal began. A few days ago he made me think about something that I had never realized, and it is how the neighbors from Cosío helped the uncountable pilgrims that would go up every day to Garabandal. David says that someday homage should paid to all those men and women, who without attracting attention, helped the visitors in their “adventure” up to the town of the apparitions.

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I felt I had been heard


Celina Ruiz Cuenca no longer lived in San Sebastian de Garabandal when the apparitions began. She had gotten married three years earlier and had moved to Corrales de Buelna, a little town in Cantabria, now about an hour away from Garabandal. However since the roads in the 60’s, and the means of communication, were not what they are now, Celina could not easily visit the village. Despite this, she tried to spend as much time as she could with her mother in Garabandal—and she used her visits to follow the apparitions more closely.

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