The Sight Touched Even the Hardest of Hearts


March 24-25, 1962. Feast of the Annunciation.

Jacinta's father, Simon, recalls:
«The three girls, Conchita, Loli and my daughter, up until then had only "prayed" the rosary. That day, however, they began to sing it and they sang the whole rosary. At the beginning of the apparition, there were only a few of us there, but by the end I think the whole village was there.
I felt an immense joy. I knew well how shy my daughter is and I thought to myself, ‘she must be seeing something great to sing like she's singing.’
My joy that day could only have been greater if I were to have seen the Blessed Virgin myself.»

Maximina wrote in a letter:
«The best thing happened on Sunday, feast of the Annunciation. The apparition began at 9:30 pm and finished at 12 midnight. I can hardly explain what happened. They began to sing the rosary. Then they said that Our Lady asked for everyone to sing. Well, we sang with all our hearts! You can’t imagine!
We sang all the way to the cemetery. There, on their knees, they prayed one mystery. Conchita, next to the closed gate, reached through the bars with the crucifix in hand; it looking like she was giving it to be kissed. The sight touched even the hardest of hearts. Afterwards we went back to the village, singing all the way. We sang the "Salve" and "Cantemos al amor de los amores" (traditional Spanish Eucharistic hymn), and then other songs that the girls made up while still in ecstasy. The girls exclaimed, “The Blessed Virgin is very happy because there are a lot of people! She smiles and looks at all of us!"»