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What More Do I Need to Believe?


Many times during the apparitions Our Blessed Mother would kiss wedding rings. With this gesture she shows us, without using any words, the importance she gave to marriage and the family. Many people had conversions seeing the quantity of rings that were given to Our Lady to kiss and how each ring always went back to the right person.

Among many of the stories we know, we bring to you a story which was told by Maximina Gonzalez about a ring that belonged to Maria Luisa Salazar and her husband from Bilbao.

This couple reached Garabandal when the apparition had already begun. Everyone knew that once the apparition had started, the girls did not collect any more objects to be kissed. However, seeing that this couple had come from so far away, Maximina Gonzalez, a lady from the town, made her way through the crowd and placed Maria Luisa’s husbands’ ring in Conchita’s jacket pocket. “She did not see me put the ring in her pocket, nor did anyone else. I stayed close behind her and I heard her say, ‘I have a ring in my pocket?’ And she put her hand in it. ‘Who put it there?... Oh, kiss it!’ And it seems that Our Lady kissed it. She stopped walking in the direction that she was going in her ecstasy and started to walk backwards, further and further, a few feet in total, until she reached the man. She took his hand and put the ring on his finger. The man said, ‘My God, what more do I need to believe?’”

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