The messages were enough

This is a beautiful testimony sent to our website from Costa Rica. Marvin Vargas Jara explains how becoming familiar with Our Blessed Mother’s messages in Garabandal has changed his life.


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I Was at Garabandal

Mariano Sardina Posada was born in Cantabria, Spain, but has been living in Castellon since 1968. She was a witness of the apparitions on two occasions in 1961 and 1962. These are her memories, originally published on the website Garabandal: Only God Knows.


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A Priest Thanks to Garabandal

This young priest has never been to San Sebastian de Garabandal. Nonetheless, reading a book that allowed him to thoroughly discover the events that took place there brought him into a relationship with and an experience of Our Blessed Mother, which led him to discover and accept his call to the priesthood.


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Garabandal Saved My Priestly Life

Fr. Richard Gilsdorf affirmed that discovering Garabandal had saved his priestly life. In his testimony, from which the ideas below are taken, he recounts the spiritual benefits he received from Garabandal, its story, and the Messages. Fr. Richard Gilsdorf passed away on May 4, 2005.


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