I Was Going Through a Difficult Time

It seems that in Garabandal Our Lady specializes in healing hearts and souls. María José Fernández (from Seville, Spain) testifies to what she lived during her stay at the Cantabrian village.
(Article originally published in www.garabandalthemovie.com)

I was lucky to stay at Garabandal for a few days, and I experienced the love of Our Blessed Mother in an inexplicable way that remains with me. I feel very fortunate. I knew that Garabandal existed. Several years ago, one of my relatives told me about the phenomena that occurred there, comparing them to Fatima or other similar [apparitions]. I have traveled alone to various destinations for fun. A little over a year ago, I was going through a difficult time interiorly.

I asked myself about my present and my future. I was empty inside, despite that fact that I was doing well personally. I do not know why, but visiting Garabandal began to interest me. So I planned my trip with the excuse of visiting Cantabria. As I went up those winding curves, my excitement to arrive grew. I found a calm town, nice people… Just houses, a snack bar, guest houses and not much else. Time stops, and your worldly needs do, too.

Inexplicable gifts filled me. Everything seems to be less important, but you do not forget it completely. Quite the opposite, you go back to normal life recharged, but knowing that the reason we are here is different. I understood a lot of things there: the importance of praying the Rosary and respect for priests.

I encourage everyone to visit Garabandal.

María José Fernández, Seville



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